How do you use crystals for healing?

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Just dont snort em… L O L or smoke em… its a nasty habit… I formed 23 years ago… L O L just jokin


That is a good Question I don’t know for sure but I think you should ask a doctor!!


ask your doctor


3 steps to crystal healing (very simple, yet almost too simple):
but this one is almost too complex or at least talks about things that are seemingly unimportant:


Crystals are a powerful healing tool to use but they must be used correctly. First you need to define what you want to heal becuase certain crystals heal certain ailments. I have provided some links below that might prove useful


It is a scam.


Pranic Healing teachs you how to do it. First you need to take Basic class: you learn how to scan aura, chakras, organs. After that you can take Crystal class: you learn how to use crystals for healings, natural powers and properties of crystals, learn how crystals can be used in strengthening the aura as well as for protection and much more.


Pray a lot. It will be just as helpful.


Crystals do not aid in the healing of the body.


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