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How do you use Chakra stones?

Do I need to set them out on the ground in direct sun light to get them energized?
I just got my set of 12, I guess 2 for each chakra.


  1. I don’t know why you bothered to purchase them. Stones are not necessary to open, close, or balance the chakras. However, for the ones to activate put in the sun and for the ones to deactivate put in the moon.
    Good luck with your new toys.

  2. Basically Chakra is a wrong word.–secondly in Stones?!!!!!!! .”Sri Chakraangita Bindhu Madhya Vasatheem” only should bless and “Forgive”(Kshama Aparaatham) all these innocent,innocuous,ignorant persons!!!!!!

  3. there are 7 chakras. it depends on what the stones were meant for. most chakras stones are made of different materials which resonate on similar frequencies to the chakras themselves. for instance, if you have an amethyst stone, it will likely be related to the 6th chakra (3rd eye) or if you have rose quartz it will be related to the 4th chakra (heart). you should have a list of what each stone is, and you can look up each stones metaphysical significance in a crystal book or online somewhere.
    as for using them, you can do healings with them, you can meditate with them, you can carry them around in your pocket, whatever works for you. crystals serve as focus points for your mind and body and they act as catalysts for your natural biological and energetic processes. once you have an idea of the properties of each stone, ask the stones themselves how they would best help you! sunlight will “charge” a crystal with sun and cosmic energy. if youre working with the lower chakras, you might want to charge them with the earth or with the moon, depending on your preference. you can look up the elemental relations of the chakras and charge them accordingly to those, or you can do whatever feels best for you. its all about the changes in your mind and body. the stones are just there to help you do the work yourself 🙂 hope this helps


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