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How do you unlock mind-realization, specificallya s regards to the ego-consciousness and how great you are?

How do you findT rue self realization and how balanced thus focused toward achieving still higher realization and, having attained it, then sustaining that measure and range?


  1. This might seem hard to believe, but your thoughts are the most powerful tool in the universe. With your thoughts you create your world. Think about it. Everything you see around you started off in someone’s imagination. It all began with a thought. Your outer world is a mirror image of your inner world. Whatever you dwell on will manifest in your outer life. In fact, the more you dwell on something, the more it manifests. Where your attention goes, energy flows.You attract into your life the people, the circumstances, and the opportunities that are in harmony with your dominant thoughts. When I was overwhelmed with debt, a while back, all I could think about was my debt and how unhappy I was,Do you think that helped?? Things only turned around when I started focusing on what I was grateful for in life, what my goals were for the future, and what opportunities they were around me to make more money. The average person has 70,000 thoughts a day, and 55,000 of them are negative. Is it any surprise most people manifest unhappiness and lack of success? The only smart thing to do is to persistently think about your goals and have thoughts that are consistent with the person you’d like to be. The more you think about these things, the more that image engraves itself into your subconscious mind and the latter will go to work, 24/7, to bring it into reality. You become what you think about most of the time!

  2. I can focus and stay locked on something tell finished …but I dont want to focus most times and mind continues to cycle through thousands of projects…attention disorder I believe.
    plus bi-polar and hypertension.
    so no and yes.

  3. Desire is the source of all unhappiness.
    I think you can reach your full potential by meditating about one hour twice a day, starting at 20 minutes twice a day. Find a meditation practice that you are comfortable with, such as mantra or concentrating on breathing. Clearing your mind will not only get you in touch with yourself, but you will come in contact with the source of all energy.
    I tell you this even though your thinking may be in the wrong place, but I have faith that if you practiced these techniques your thinking will adjust in a favorable direction.
    Power and possessions are nothing. The feeling of warmth and oneness with the all can be overwhelming. Few partake and fewer understand.


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