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How do you tune in to Reiki?

Reiki is healing via energy
physical and spiritual


  1. Reiki is a form of non touch energy healing.
    The person who preforms this has to be careful.
    I SUGGEST you take a class to learn,I was taught in my massage therapy class. As a snipit,
    the cl

  2. Reiki is a spiritual or “energy” based philosophy of healing that has no basis in science. It is similar to various other “laying on of hands” healings and prayer, in that is has a completely mystical approach and posits a form of “energy” that is undetectable.
    When studied, it shows no benefit for any condition beyond that expected from the placebo effect.
    While harmless, there is the potential for harm if people with serious medical conditions seek Reiki instead of conventional proven treatments.

  3. I am a Reiki Master-Instructor, and I tune in for a session by doing my symbols and ASKING that the energy begin to flow in a positive way that is best for my client. After you have been attuned all you have to do is think about Reiki flowing and you’ll feel it. You have to be attuned to whatever level you are practicing at. If your not attuned then you are not channeling Reiki healing energy. You cannot attain this attunement through a book! Good luck with all your healing!

  4. i think it’s on 97.7FM
    seriously though, this is one of the most ridiculas forms of alternative healing. it doesn’t even try. at least Homeopathy makes up fake science. what you got? non touch healing?!?!?!?!? nope, back of the class

  5. If you mean how do you tune in to begin practicing Reiki, then the answer is that an empowerment is given by a Reiki master to connect you to the energy. This can take the form of reiju which is a gentle, repeated procedure performed during meditation to strengthen the connection (this is used in several of the Japanese schools being taught now in North America) or it can be an attunement which is kind of a big-bang energy event that is supposed to connect you to the energy for life (this is the traditional North American method).
    If you mean how do you connect for a treatment, then there are several methods practitioners use depending on their training and preferences. Some draw the Reiki symbols, some chant the names of the Reiki symbols, some rub their hands together really hard, some use intention alone, etc. Personally, I find it just comes through me when it’s needed. If I decide to turn it on myself I just give the thought and it starts flowing.


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