How do you transform your astral body into an animal?

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and if so do you experience the skills of the animal back in your human body?

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You take LSD.




And you really think that stuff works? Come on now

Mister Diddlez

simple, you cant


lol yep what everyone else said… LOL

Alien Jesus

No idea. You sure there’s such a thing to begin with?
You can’t “expirience skills of an animal” that’s for sure.

Rallie Florencio C

Ask an Indian Shaman or take LSD


Why exactly would you want to?
(Oh, you can’t.)


You have to cut yourself open and let the blood drip on the animal of your choice.


dont think you can shapeshift in the spirit but I could be wrong


I’m assuming by most answers that people are thinking the astral body is the same as the physical….
The Astral Body is the spirit experienced while you are still alive.
You can change your astral form if you want to. Simply will it to happen. As for skills and such being transferred, I don’t think it would work that way, at least, not so easily. Spirit and Body, you know…kind of hard.
Remember that the spirit has no physical shape. Any shape you imagine it to be is just a representation in the mind.

Lucky Man 2

Use your mind when meditating.


You can fly around all you want, but you cant go into another body, because that creatures body is already occupied and they will not let you in. If you try to put on a dead and corrupted body it will not sustain you either. Those are the rules. Shapeshifting is not a spirit taking over the body of an animal, it is just the ability of changing your own body into that of an animal. In other words, “mind over matter” to the Extreme. So if you want to experience walking in the skin of an animal you’re going to have to learn to shape shift. Astral Projection is a piece of cake comparatively. Best of luck.


No. It’s impossible to shape shift in the Physical plane (the one we’re on now) we can only do this in the Astral Plane. Thats why people say “Everythings possible in the astral realm.” so we do that in the astral plane. And the first time I astral projected was three months ago, and it was awesome. It was one of the most amazing things I experienced. But yeah, you can’t do that.

Eclectic Witch ਹੇਰ੍ਮਨ੍

You have to vividly imagine the animal you want to turn into. With practice and constant imaging… you can do it successfully.
Say you want to turn into a lion. You will have to observe a lion from all view points until you can vividly see it with your eyes closed…. then you can do this on the astral.
Simply willing yourself to change shape on the astral doesn’t mean you will be that shape. It won’t be….. lucid enough.


Yes, but it takes lot of practice and focus. Im a wolf and freak my friends out! (things went out of hand) NO I DID NOT TAKE LSD!


From my experience/lessons/research, you can change your astral form with practice. You must be a good visualizer, must have the energy levels for it, and you must want it. Translating the astral changes to the physical, like trying to gain the aspect or attributes of an animal, can happen as well. If you feel that connection. When I need the ability of an animal, I just concentrate, think of the animal, feel the animal sort of wash over me, then I can be as strong as a horse, or what have you. Practice, and have faith. 😀

aethyr Wolf

One can change on this plane but only if you are strong enough.. I tried if but I had friends nearby and it freaked them out. It was a wolf transformation spell, I only got as far as having my eyes turn gold, my hair turning white, my skin turning gray and changing height.. I stopped so I wouldn’t scare them more. I also recently had an out of body experience related to this.. I had been running and relaxed enough to where I was only on the outer rim of my consciousness been aware of my body and that it was running. The other part of me had taken the form of a white wolf. Which my boyfriend saw. He was scared of it at first sighting, I felt like I had been there in that area before.. I felt a strong pull to go up the mountain like it was welcoming me. I must ask is this normal? Wolves haven’t been in that area, skyline drive v for about 115 years or more…

Davontae Copeland

how you transform your astral body


What the hell is the matter with any of you…..saying you can’t shift physically, you CAN…..just do it! just keep trying to change! my people do it, it is a thing that happens even here!


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