Home Discussion Forum How do you train yourself to see auras?

How do you train yourself to see auras?

What worked for you?


  1. The only time I ever saw an aura, was when my freind and I ate some “mushrooms”, You may think it was a hallucination, But we were both convinced, that the mushrooms somehow altered the part of our brains that would allow someone to see an aura. So we were actualy “seeing” the auras, but when the effects of the mushrooms were gone, that untrained part of our brains wouldnt work that way anymore.
    I mean we were cognizant of what was happening, we werent freaking out or anything. We used them as a tool that night, not so much for entertainment. I think different species of mushrooms would have different effects, also. We had a mixture that night, that we were never able to duplicate.

  2. I saw them just by looking at a treeline at dusk for several minutes. There should not be too much visual noise around, not too many extraneous lights and such. Natural life gives off strong light of its own. Humans are mostly blue/purple, although there are variations. Only one person I know has consciously manipulated his aura. Most people dismiss “auras” automatically as new age hooey, but certainly the human body carries a charge and has electrical properties that are not completely neutral, and everyone who is alive gives off infrared radiation; why would they not give off other kinds of radiation? I only know what I have seen, and these “auras” do exist, although I stop short of attributing new age qualities to them. I trained as a scientist, after all. People wouldn’t believe the things that a normal, completely sober person can see just by focusing.
    Also, some of these auras can be explained by an optical effect of “negative image.” If you stare at a green square and look away to a white wall, you see a red square; if you stare at a yellow square, you see a blue square against the white wall, etc. etc. But this does not account for all the auras I have seen.


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