How do you train your eyes to see auras?

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I understand that many people can see them, and most if not all children, especially under 5. How do I train my 20-something eyeballs to see them? If it’s a matter of believing they’re there, I don’t know what my problem is. Could you help, if you can see them?

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Happy Hiram

If you hold up a pencil against a background (anything say 5 feet or more away,) you can focus on the pencil and the background becomes blurry, or you can focus on the background and the pencil becomes blurry.
When you do this with people (focus on the background) you see auras. It’s that simple.

Joeq D

As a real objective phenomenon, auras do not exist.
As perceptions caused by defects in the eye or brain structure of the perceiver, they could exist in the mind of some perceivers. But that simply means that they have something wrong with their visual system.
Some drugs can cause you to “see” auras. But that is because they modify the behavior of your brain. There is no aura out there to be seen.


To be pure of heart like a 4 year old


When we are young we are taught to LISTEN, we know how to see.
Listen…stop trying to see aura. We are all energy, therefore we have a FREQUENCY you are not atuned to. Qualia was the wrong description for feeling, or having empathy, etc…outside the box.
Most people ascribe to gut instinct, on fear, or love, loathing, hate, whatever, this gut “feeling” I believe is the frequency of the other individual…we operate at different frequencies.


Similar to Joeq D, There are no true Auras. People do not glow under normal circumstance.
People who claim to see Auras are using the term “aura” to describe a “vibe” or “hunch” about a person. It comes from judging body language and attire and context.
Maybe you should study “profiling”. The expert profilers in the FBI can tell you much about a person just by looking at them.

udaya k

You need constant training for a minimum period of three months to master it. It needs a lot of consistent practise. The Tratak or watching a candle light or a point on the wall helps to some extent. Watching behind the person itself for a longer time helps. Watching a specified spiral image is one method. Following arrows on a specified colour image to another different colour spot will enhance the colour receptiveness, and colour sensitivity. Advanced colour techniques are also there with different specified checkouts. The Mirror techniques in a darkened room is yet another method. There are other subtle techniques too which are ritualistic and I am not mentioning it here.
Check this book from the following link for complete method as described by Shri R, Venugopalan.…

Fancy Jack

Look into their eyes and see the aura in your periphery.


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