How do you throw fireball (Kamehameha, Hadouken, etc) in real life?





I want to do an energy blast to kill people with. (for self defense)
should I take tai chi classes or get into meditation..what is a good way to get your Ki to a level where you can throw a fireball? Thanks.


  1. For some reason i think that you can throw an hadoken I’ve shot lightning from my eyes many times so i just think you have to practice it alot pushing yourself to the breaking point its the only way to truly get results so im always practicing

  2. If you want to go a super snayan or do kamehameha then first close your eyes and close your hands together like a bowl then slowly take them up near to each other say haaaaaaaa…. for 5 seconds and put both hands inforent of you you will see a blue energy ball do this again and again you will understand to do a kamakameha if you want tom go a super snayan then unleash your rage on anything look down and stop breathing for 7 seconds then breth slowly and scream haaaaaa…. like a loudspeking.

  3. How to do a kamehameha.
    Step 1:cup your hands together and heat up the air in your hands. Step 2:create a plasma ball in your hand and contain it. Step 3:(optional) say kamehameha!
    Step 4:push out the ball with brute force.
    Your welcome people.

  4. clap your hands together as hard as you can for five minutes. run around your local school field until a 5 year old boy kicks a soccer ball at your head and knocks you out. When you wake up Ryu will have his bum in your face and do a fart while screaming “GOT YOU MEN!” then run off back home. Now go and hump the local kid’s sand box area for 33 minutes non stop.
    You can now do a Hadouken

  5. there is a way but you’ d have to give up most of youre life to master it, you might want look up the kinesis’s even know half there websites are bullshit,,,,,,,,,,,, oh and you’ll be looking for telekineseis

  6. well first of all you have to discover your inner Ki. once you’ve done that, you have to practice knocking over glass bottles and stuff like that. then after that you gotta try to break those bottles. From bottles you move on to cement bricks. Then from that to people. There you go.

  7. do this its so awsome. Get a lighter and just hold on the thingy that releases gas, no pun intended, and make your other hand like a hollow fist and fill your hand with gas, after about 10-20 secs of this light the gas in your hand. it burns very little but you can actually hold fire there. Don’t worry you won’t burn crazily, you’ll just instinctively let go of your hand so the gas releases and the fire goes out. It’s actually really cool

  8. I usually stimulate the most sensitive part of my body until it peaks at the climax and let just add an extra push, let it go, and you got your chi blast.
    All over you.

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