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How do you think the news affects mass consciousness? Does it help invite fear into our lives?


  1. Mass media controls most of the populations thinking.
    When people are only exposed to specific information, then that’s all they know and that’s what they base their views on so that’s how they mold public opinion.
    Fear is the greatest form of control, ask the military. It’s a psychological way of getting people to do what you want them to do.

  2. mass media does not control the mass consciousness, but it does influence it.
    it is not secret that there are certain tv and radio stations that, as well as newspapers and magazines, that are biased. no, they should not be, but for every bias, there is the counterpart ready to show the other side’s bias.
    people hear something on tv, and if you hear only one side of the story, that person tends to lean towards that side rather than someone who listens/watches multiple stations and sees many points of view. the news can and does influence people’s consciousness if they allow it to.
    the mass media is not meant to bring fear into our lives. for some, it may, but it is all up to that person. no news station wants to make its viewers scared, if they do, then no one will watch their programs.
    hope this helped

  3. Maybe; but it also desensitizes us to the shock of tragic or horrible events.
    It’s kind of contradictory, but it gives us more to be afraid of, and makes us more indifferent to those things at the same time.

  4. Nothing sells like sex and fear and the media sells both, consistently. It affects those who allow it to. The rest of us have brains and try to use them.


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