• yes but if you becoem close to god you live for a long time like the poep (over 300 years old)

  • I doubt very much, that anything has changed.

    There were always good people, doing good, and bad people being bad, and religious people being a*se holes.

    Only the names of the gods have changed, and the technology which they malign, deny even, but still use.

  • The Bible starts with the creation. Then God spoke with the fathers of each family, this was known as the Patriarchal age. Then when He chose Abraham and his descendants grew to a nation in bondage, when they were freed, a law needed to be written so that all would know what was expected of them and how they would be judged. When Christ died, the covenant with Abraham was finished and a New Covenant or testament was put into effect with a new written law and the Bible with its history, poetry, wisdom writings, and the new reasons as a new way of a greater sacrifice was written and now, at that point, there is nothing more to be written or to be done.

  • Well, in terms of the area which the bible originated…
    The same God from the bible was also in the Israelites polytheistic religion, so how far back are we talking? Problem is, the Israelites religion was quite old, and written records only go back so far.

  • My belief is that the Bible was written or edited by bureaucrats. This always complicates and messes things up.

  • Life was the same. Some people believed in made up shit and some didn’t just like today.

    I believe in Harry Potter another fictional character.

  • Sadly I think life before the bible was probably really harsh. The way they were acting was only human though. The bible changed that and made people be nice and taught them values and morals. Now its thousands of years later… we don’t need the book of morals anymore. We basically evolved and learned to ignore our natural human instincts.

  • Heh. I guess God didn’t get the memo. Thanks for all those earthquakes and cancer, God! They were in your plan, right?

  • A lot more relaxing and people had respect for their environments. Foreward Christian loggers and minning investment giants.

  • I believe life before the bible was much more peaceful. Most fatal wars in many country’s history are due to different religious beliefs.

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