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How do you tell your family your a Wiccan?

Okay, so I’m a Wiccan but I don’t know how to tell my family that. They aren’t as understanding of Witches and everything because they think that Wiccans are weird. So how do I tell them without getting in a huge fight?


  1. Write them a short letter and ask them to read it, so you can clearly explain to them what Wicca is without confusing them, miscommunication, or getting into a fight.

  2. Tell them you’re gay first. Then when they cool down after that, tell them “Nah, just kidding. Im just a wiccan.”

  3. mom….dad….im going to hogwarts with mr potter
    or you could just keep it to yourself if there gonna judge you

  4. First, figure why you think it is important to tell them and consider sharing your reasons with them.
    Second, give a brief explanation of what it is *you* believe.
    Third, be open to thier questions and answer what they ask. Do not attempt in interpret their questions: just answer what they actually ask.
    Finally, don’t presume they won’t understand.

  5. Very carefully. I tried but only got problems so I let it drop. Don’t bring it up any more. Keeps peace in the family.

  6. I would suggest the book “When Someone You Love is Wiccan” by Carl McColman. It’s set up in a Q&A format and is designed especially for people in your situation. Good Luck


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