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How do you tell someone they give you negative vibes without being rude?

There’s a lady I work with and I feel bad for her, but everytime she walks into a room she just sucks all the happy entergy out of it. I kid you not. I never really believed in negative or positive energy those types of things, but just being around her makes me depressed and sad. I’m not the only one who has noticed this and it has caused me to kind of stay away from her. What do I do?


  1. my self I am very in tune to that energy . when i am around someone like that i get closer to them . think of it as an exorcise. the more you do it the stronger you get . God does the same thing . if you pray for patience he tries your patience . if you pray for guidance he makes you lost . if you pray for comfort you will get none . just remember this . keep your friends close and you enemy’s closer . what wont kill you will make you stronger . and opposites attract . dont look down on her for your own views of her energy . it is you that needs work . myself i have the same negative energy it repels those that have the same . but at the same time i have such possative energy that it also repels . and at the same time draws in . things are not alwayse as they seem .

  2. That can be difficult. Maybe try to engage her a little in conversation. Try to determine what might be going on in her life that is making her that way. Maybe she has clinical depression, maybe she suffers with a chronic illness, maybe a recent death in the family. Its hard to be happy all the time at work when you feel bad, believe me , I know. I have chronic pain but I try to smile as much as I can and not complain all the time. Do a little investigative work. You might be surprised by what you find.

  3. Ignore it. She can’t change the “vibes” she puts off so exactly what would you accomplish by telling her? Leave the situation if you can, or do something that makes you happy to try to counterbalance the negative engery. Some people just don’t mesh, and it can’t be forced by telling them. She probably already gets a “vibe” that she isn’t well-received anyway. Can you imagine how that would feel? Putting it into words wouldn’t make ANYONE better off in the end.

  4. I listened to an audio book by Sonia Choquette called Know Your Vibes.
    She is a psychic and she talked about this kind of situation.
    She said inhale a lot of hair through your nose and expell it through your mouth and make an aaahhh sound as you do. Something about is suppose to unlock negative energy around you.
    I notice that this does help me when I start to feel angry. I haven’t tried this around a bad vibe person, so I can’t say personally if it works.

  5. It would be rude to say something. There’s no nice way to do it. If you really feel you have to say something to her, you will come across as rude. I would just ignore her.

  6. I hate to sound all new-agey – but get a bunch of citrine crystals and put them all over your office area – they help to dispel negativity. I would NEVER tell her how you feel – it’ll just make her even MORE negative. AND – keep staying away from her as much as possible.


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