How do you tell if your projection was etheric or astral?

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and how you manipulate which to have? Can you do both at once? I’ve had dozens of experiences but never really knew the difference between them, I usually am able to do a projection during lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis. Also, what do the body vibrations and chills mean? any info is very appreciated!

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By the amount of drugs you have taken.

LimeNinja get this thing off me!

Here’s a tip… supernatural nonsense is pretty much all the same.


1080 ip is astral…
anything lower, well…time to upgrade

Amy R

My projection normally looks like a swan or a doggy or a flying bird. I don’t know other kinds.

battleship potemkin AM

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etheric projection is when you soul leaves your body and you wonder around on the physical plane (the plane that we are in now)
astral projection is when you soul leaves you body and you go to the astral planes
the vibrations is just your body entering sleep paralysis

Tom I

The basic rule of thumb is that if you suspect you could actually visit the place you’ve been physically, it’s etheric, otherwise it’s astral. In practice, it’s not quite so clear cut, as physical and etheric aren’t 100% in sync, but you usually have a hunch. Also if I don’t remember a bodily exit phase, I find it tends to be astral. Both at once is possible in several ways, but to me it’s much more art than science, it’s just something that happens sometimes..
The only way I know to convert an astral / Locale II experience to etheric / RTZ / Locale I experience is to return to your body with the intent of immediately bouncing out again.
There are more ways to shift from etheric to astral. You can just stay out longer, and your frequency will gradually drift higher. You can enter a disorienting space – the middle of a wall, a TV screen, a picture on the wall. You can rocket upwards as fast as you can, right out of the atmosphere. You can search for evidence of travel tubes. Verbal requests can help too.
My understanding of vibrations is that they’re a form of energetic turbulence inversely proprortional to the distance between your bodies. Chills…precise details vary here but will be related to energy flow within the chakra system – sounds like you’re a bit more ida than pingala, more yin than yang.


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