Home Discussion Forum How do you teach yourself to see auras? ?

How do you teach yourself to see auras? ?

can you even teach yourself that? i have always wanted to do this and i have tried some things but nothing has worked


  1. you can’t. Those who claim to see them are faking it, they just observe the person and guess things about them.

  2. The popular method is to simply pretend that you can. If you do it confidently enough, people will believe you and you’ll never have to actually do it.
    Which helps.

  3. I am guessing it could be one of those things that you have to let yourself believe in order to actually do “anything”. Kinda like hypnosis or those martial artists who “knock-out enemies with their chi”. If you don’t…erm…let yourself trip into the pitfall, then yeah, it probably wouldn’t work.
    Given if it did. But to seriously answer the question: I think meditation would help. If not letting you see auras, or feel them, you can think you are seeing/feeling them, almost the same.


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