Home Discussion Forum How do you suppose I should go about developing psychic powers?

How do you suppose I should go about developing psychic powers?

I meditate nearly everyday and not much has changed.
Thank you ~~~To the Paranormal Chick~~~, hislady, Deenie, and Vista for your appreciated answers.


  1. You can’t just deveple a physical power or physic if you want to you have it already or you don’t notice
    If you wan’t to figure out if you have one then try reading and predicting peoples outcomes try the lottery for instance
    Guess the first number and if it comes up good job keep on predicting things.
    Mediation never works give it up try getting a book and reading about it like this one below
    GL ^^

  2. I say if you continue to meditate everyday, eventually you will develope those mad psychic skills!!!!! It worked for me. I get several visions a day if I meditated that day!

  3. You need to break open your microwave and stick you head inside it. then you turn it on high for 23.4 seconds and the radiation should give you psychic powers.

  4. Are psychic powers real? I think not.
    At least you are realistic enough to recognize that your ‘psychic powers’ are not improving.

  5. If meditation alone isn’t helping, you may want to try looking into chakra work. I’m afraid I don’t have any links, but try searching for “chakra” and you should come up with tons of links. You also want to look into protection techniques–white light is the best and the easiest. It’ll keep out the nasty stuff.
    Also, try breathwork. A really good exercise– take a long, slow deep breath, allowing your stomach to expan with air. Pause for a count of four. Then blow it out long and slow, just letting the breath leave you, letting your stomach go empty again. And pause for another count of four. This helps to raise your vibration, helping you to connect up to the universal energies.
    peace to you.

  6. See a reputable doctor and get your head checked out nice a thoroughly. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PSYCHIC POWERS.

  7. If you find the meditation relaxing, or that it provides you with other benefits, then go ahead with it. But as for providing you with psychic powers, it will be of no use, so you may prefer to use the time for something more productive or enjoyable.

  8. Just pay attention more. You really don’t know what you’re asking for. You might regret getting them once things do start to happen. Your life won’t ever be the same. Have you ever asked yourself WHY you want to be psychic? Are you planning to do good with it? What is the purpose of it…if it’s not to do good with it? I hope you have good intentions. And I hope you’ll get someone good to guide you .

  9. The original book “The Silva Mind Control” paperback gives awesome techniques. No need to buy or join anything. I know there are websites out there but the simple paperback is the best. There are now tons of such books just get the original as listed. (Not “for business” etc, just the Silva Mind Control Book)

  10. I meditate also, but for relaxation. I don’t think it’s possible to have psychic powers but uhh you never know. Look up people that have these “powers” and see what they did. But honestly, the whole thing is a waste of time.

  11. Hello
    Firstly you have to understand that there are No psychic powers.
    As a spiritual being within a physical body you have psychic abilities.
    Expectations tend to slow development down, maybe a rethink of how you view what your trying to do is needed.
    What I will say is what I say to all students at this stage
    1 – meditate – either spiritual or traditional, but a regular practice.
    2 – make contact with spirit & your own mind everyday.
    3 – find a tool, such as tarot etc, this helps you to focus, you can use them for meditation & they give your subconscious mind something to work with & via with regard to the clairvoyant side of things.
    4 – dont take yourself too seriously, but be curious.
    5 – try not to get wrapped up in the medias portrayal of psychics etc. There is a lot of psychic Fluff out there that will slow you down if your serious about developing. If it sounds magical & offers all hope then it may be fluff!
    6 – go to what calls to you – books, people, groups, study, religions, philosophys, therapys – anything that you feel drawn to. You may not immediatly understand why you are drawn to all of these things or even what use they are to you, but one day the accumulated knowledge will make sense.
    7 – have pateince, lots of it. Developing can take years, decades. It never really stops.


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