Home Discussion Forum how do you summon succubus?

how do you summon succubus?

yes i was wondering how you summon a succubus but its for a friend not me….


  1. OMG! I just asked the same question last night!!! Here you go:)
    You’re going to need the following:
    either pink or red chalk
    a pin
    your voice
    Take the chalk and draw a large pentagram.
    stand in the center of the pentagram with your arms outstretched
    recite, “I offer myself to you, o’great succubus!”
    Now, take the pin and use it to draw a fair amount of blood from your arm(right or left, it doesn’t matter).
    Draw an x on your forehead with the blood
    Draw an x on your chest with the blood
    Draw an x above your gentiles with the blood.
    Next, chant in a firm yet calm voice,
    “I call upon the succubus that wishes to come to me. I ask for your services and all you have to offer. I accept the pleasure you give along with the pain.”
    Now lie down on the pentagram on your back and wait. Within about five minutes or so you will feel a presence. Should be a solid presence.
    And, well, you know what happens next….
    My friend uses this and it works wonders for him. He says “his” succubus gives him great oral.
    Warning, though: Do not even try to order your succubus around. If you do, the consequences you’re going to pay are going to be unspeakable.

  2. You DON’T! Never trust a demon, they are evil and ruthless, they hate humans and God, If you summon a demon then you are cursed and that demon has power to KILL you! And hate to ruin it for your friend but there is no demon that can mate with humans, demons WERE holy ANGELS, angels are beings that shape-shift into a human form but have no real gender, they, ( demons and angels) are spirits they can NOT have sex! I AM WARNING FOR YOUR OWN GOOD! YOU HAVE NO I IDEA WHAT YOU WANT TO GET YOURSELF INTO!

  3. Ok, summoning a demonic entity… Maybe i’m not living on the edge enough, but I don’t think this is a good idea.
    With what experience I have with magick, i’m pretty sure that there’s an easier way to do almost anything than to bring spiritual entities into the fray.
    I’ve never done this, and hope i never have to work with similar entities.
    Be prepared for it to try to kill you. It just may.

  4. ok first of all, I am not sure you can actually summon a succubus, and second, since a succubus is a man killing sexual demon, i suggest neither you nor your friend try cuz it won’t go too well if you succeed, and when summoning spirits and demons and such when you really aren’t sure what you are doing, you may get something even worse than what you are summoning, and even if you know what you are doing, there is always the possibility that something would go wrong.

  5. Tell your friend that if he is incapable of doing any research for himself then he will never make it as a Ceremonial Magician. It is reasonably good advice not to do anything which you don’t fully understand and this applies doubly if you are buggering around in the Spiritual World. Someone who relies on Yahoo Answers for his daemon summoning needs is probably not the devoted scholar that would be able to get away with doing that sort of thing regularly.
    Just because I’m a pedant: succubus is the singular form of the noun not the plural, that would be succubi.

  6. just answer the question ca you or can you not summon a succubus and how i want to see if it is true not for a friend because if you are to scared to get a succubusthen you should try to get a pony then stop being scared


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