how do you summon a spirit with a ouija board?

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1. i hear a lot of stories and see a lot of movies. i going to try this myself. everything should be tried at least once.
2. what needs to be said – what is the correct incantation or mystical words that i must utter to get in touch with a spirit or demon?
I need answer from people who have done this before, not bigoted / ignorant religious people telling me ‘its bad’.

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Ouia board never works, its just a game for entertainment hoping it will do something supernatural. LOL


well actully it dose work becuse my best friend got possed while useing a ouia bored becuse she took her hand off so i will know if it works or not and it dose work so dont say it dose not work till you tdo it right!!!!!!!!!!!!

theo the cod BTFH

Take the board into a bar, wave it above your head to attract the waitress and then say,”two tequilas please”.


You start speaking in tongues and shake the board violently.

Sarah X

i have done it before, i used to be very in touch with things like that. I have one word of advice. DONT

True Colors

Its not bad it’s stupid
It is a piece of cardboard and plastic it is about as spiritual as used gum wrappers

Apostate Rebel


manic little raver

Read the instructions on the box.


The reason people tell you its stupid is because it is. Dont do it without proper supervision. He who says it never works cannot surely speak for every single person worldwide, as its worked for me plenty of times, but then Im a medium and I know how to use it. My advice is – if you want to speak to someone who has passed over, see a medium. Dont use the board without someone who knows what they’re doing! There is a universal law that says “like attracts like”. Think about that and the reason you want contact.


dont disturb the jinns
jinns are the other creation
Allaah created humans and jinns to worship Him alone


I wouldn’t trust a ouija board. You don’t know who exactly you are speaking to. I am not saying it is “bad”, think of it this way. You live in the middle of London and you leave your door open, anyone can walk in and not want to leave, this can be the same with a spirit.
But overall it is your choice if you do use the ouija board, search around the internet to find more information on them and how to actually use them before diving in.
Preferably I would go to a spiritualist church to see if someone could help you get in contact with the person you are wanting to talk to.


i have never used an ouija board before
i think the way to get it out is to ask him/her/them this question.
“if you are real, can you prove it to me?”
when you ask them this question , you are creating a protal for them to come to this world form their own.
it’s better if you don’t ask for your own sake.
my sister’s friend played with the board once and then his mom kept having spirits coming to her dreams when she slept. his mom didn’t know he used it until she asked him. i do not know if she still see spirits in her dream.
it’s not a good idea to summon a spirit when you are not sure what exactly you are trying to summon. it’s random, you don’t get to choose.
i have never use it and will not.

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