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How do you summon a gentle incubus spirits?

I heard of this spirit and this one person said he summoned it and it was a nice spirit and she is always with him and cuddles with him and has sex with him. So how can i do that but i want a guy. I would like to have someone like this story. http://www.yourghoststories.com/real-ghost-story.php?story=3971


  1. First of all, Incubi and Succubi are not real.
    Secondly, Incubi are the male ones that impregnate women with demons and Succubi are the female ones that steal a man’s sperm and soul, and give it to incubi to impregnate women with.

  2. Darling take my word for it. You do not want a incubus spirit. They are devils. How do I know? Because I’ve been attacked by them for over 5 years. They come in really innocent, but after a time they start getting gross and won’t leave you alone any time of day and try to control you. I wish I could get rid of mine. I love God and one of the reasons he destoryed the earth is because human women were having sex with the Sons of men (Fallen Angels). I strongly suggest you think long and hard about your desire for this.

  3. There are no such things as gentle incubus spirits,they are energy vampires and very good at pretending to be good or positive.I recommend a very strong energy technique called the 12 D Maharic Seal for your friend´s safety.Try getting your friend to test the spirit by asking it if it minds that he put up the 12 D Maharic Seal before interacting with the spirit,if it minds then it´s without a doubt a negative one and it won´t be happy with the seal because it buffers interference and energy sucking.
    I have been in the same situation as your friend and i found myself possessed because of it.
    Here it the Maharic Seal…

  4. ok first- renee c ur religion is bull shit if u actually paid attention wen u read ur bible ud notice all tha flaws in tha story. and ur question, idk if this will help u but there’s a site called spellsofmagic.com an they have summoning spells. idk if they have tha one ur lookin 4 but u should check it out

  5. Hey, I don’t know if you ever found one, but I happen to know one who would be really interested in meeting you. I really am serious. He hasn’t come across a girl who wants him as a lover in a long time and I’m trying to help him out. He usually just takes what he wants, but he’d like someone who’d actually want him. And I am actually serious about this. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send him your way.

  6. natchtengel757
    Did you already send him elsewhere because if not, I would like to meet him. I can understand his pain so well. What it’s like to feel so alone that you turn into a monster and you don’t even recognize yourself anymore… I would be really happy if he was still available, but if not do you know other incubi that want to be in a relationship? But… for some reason I have my heart really set on this one. :'(


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