Home Discussion Forum How do you strengthen your ability to comunicate with your higher power?

How do you strengthen your ability to comunicate with your higher power?

For certain prayer is a way to comunicate with your higherpower, but can you comunicate through dreams, meditation, Chakra stones and Chakra Healing etc.?


  1. Continued age-based deterioration of my mental processes and my eventual dimentia should take care of it.

  2. Communication is found and defined by the person wanting to do it. Don’t limit your ways, in fact seek more only try to know to whom you are communicating!

  3. I highly recommend meditation. Turning off our own mind chatter enables us to be more open to messages from the wisest self and guides.

  4. BEing able to talk to God is so easy, we just do it. We dont use stones and other new age things to talk to God. If we needed that, He would say so, and NOTE He doees not.
    God will communicate with us thru dreams and visions if we are loyal , faithful and obedient. But, so will the devil. So you need to know Gods voice to be able to know when it is God speaking to you. The more we live in obediencde to all of Gods words, the more He blesses us, and we will learn to discern His word every time. and the more we live in obedience to the Lord, the more He will bless us by showing us more and giving us more annointing power to do the things He asks us to do. God says obedeinece leads to blessing and disobedience leads to curse.
    Once a person chooses to disobey, they actually seperate themselves for a time from God and will not hear His voice right then. This is dngerous stuff.
    Stay in total obedience with God and His precious Holy Word and God will open new doors for you that you cant evem dream possible. You toss those chakra stones and all that. Those are false gods teachings. NOte the Bible never tells any of that to do. Just talk to God in the name Of Jesus.
    Thats what He says. Seek and you shall find. He doesnt make it tough, making us jump thru hoops to reach Him.
    With God, you never get a busy signal when you call.

  5. You connect to your higher power each time he/she/it is on your mind.
    I connect by noticing each thing as proof that my God made it all.
    Nothing exists without my Gods permission.
    Some things are used for evil, but those same things can also be used for good.
    It is just in the heart of each of us to choose.
    If you believe that your higher power can be reached by licking a 9 volt battery, then as long as you are not placing a stumbling block in someone Else’s path, lick away.

  6. The only way to communicate with God is through first faith, repentance, baptism and obediance to the commandments. After you do these first initial things then God will answer you.
    You are not getting the communication you want because you are going about it the right away.
    We cannot live in sin and make no effort to live Gods commandments and expect answers to our communication.
    If people say that they are talking to God and are not living rightiously then they are lying or doing drugs and thing they are.
    There is one true church and revelatory process – if you truly want to disscover God and how to communicate then check out http://www.lds.org or http://www.mormon.org.
    I testify that I get the answers to my prayers and there is a true church of christ that holds the holy melchezidic priesthood which christ held.

  7. Yes, yes and yes. Prayer makes you connect to the higher power, whatever it is and whatever it means to you (God, Jesus, Saints or Spirits). When we pray we can irradiate a blue light that flows from our heart and spread to the Universe. Mediums can see that light. Good spirits get attracted to that light, they can come closer to you and help you. Bad spirits avoid the light, because they are in the darkness of their knowledge. Prayer is good.
    You can have answers through dreams too (I always have).
    Everything else that you put your Faith in, will bring you answers as well.

  8. Since I am a follower of Jesus Christ and John 14:6 says “Jesus answered”I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” I pray, I read my bible and I meditate (think about, research and understand) on His word. Anything else is not communication with the one living God and is a waste of time.
    May peace and understanding come to you through this writing.

  9. Pray, study, ponder and do the will of the Father. By the power of the Holy Ghost, ye may know the truth of all things. If we do the will of the Father, we shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God or whether they speak of themselves. My communication skill grow stronger through practice and obedience. I pray daily, I read scriptures daily, I try to ponder the meaning of things around me as they happen and how they might apply to my life. I try to live according to the teachings I have been given and I try to listen to my inner feelings of comfort and peace or confusion and stupor depending on whether my request is right or wrong.
    Prayer is real and the Spirit is sure. The answers are there waiting for us to grasp them.


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