How do you strengthen psychic powers?

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I do believe that we are all born with some degree of psychic powers. Does anybody have some good tips on how to strengthen psychic powers? PLEASE NO JOKERS.
I Hate you Sinjari [Nanotyranno] and Lando!!!!

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Sinjari [Nanotyranno]

Lift some psychic weights.
edit~ awwww, I love you too!


Brussel sprouts and a tin foil hat


I don’t really believe in the stuff personally, but I thought that doing things like meditating or practicing would increase your physic potency.

bubbles :]

i’m being dead serious, this works.
go to the graveyard and get some graveyard dirt.
put it in a draw string bag then hang it from an oak tree.
sit indian style under the oak tree and mumble the lyrics to stayin
alive by the beegez. put on a blue speedo. find the biggest
bird bath in town and get on your hands and knees and swing your
head in circles ballistically and talk to the gods.
i’ve done this four times, i can read minds..


how amusing….obviously not many folks take it seriously. Funny. If we take a more serious approach to this ethereal subject; yoga is the first step to spiritual awakening, followed by Reiki practicing…all with a focus on the spiritual aspect; the physical merely a means to an end. The graveyard comment may seem a bit out there, but if you have never spent the night alone meditating quietly in the midst of a graveyard, you should keep silent about psychic abilities. It will freak you out. Do this activity during a new moon and the darkness is all enveloping. The Norse saying is that one could enhance shamanic powers by doing this, if you did not go insane. Consider this an individual journey, do not share the visions and abilities with others; they will consider you insane….with brussel sprouts and a tin foil hat. Dare to do, will it, keep silent about it.


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