Home Discussion Forum How do you stop stop psychic vampires from sucking your chi energy?

How do you stop stop psychic vampires from sucking your chi energy?

You know those people that tap into your chakras and steal your inner essense, making you tired and emotionally despondent. Any method to combat their abilities?


  1. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that if you stop believing in any or all of:
    – psychic
    – vampires
    – chi
    – chakras
    – essence
    then you’ll probably be good to go — wherever you’re going with this….

  2. Nope. If one of those types is feeding there is nothing the victim can do but hope they leave you enough energy to stay alive….

  3. There are many ways of stopping them from sucking your energy. There are many books out there that tell you in detail how to do this. Please check out the site I have provided and good luck.

  4. Firstly by being aware. If you can be aware enough of someone you are in contact with doing this you can shield yourself from them. There are many good books and websites out there to teach you how to do this. For a wiccan / pagan perspecitve I’d check out http://www.ecauldron.com and the book “21st Century Wicca: A Young Witch’s Guide to Living the Magical Life” by Jennifer Hunter which you can get at good new age / pagan shops or via amazon.com.

  5. Once you realize one, just try to stay away from him/her. If you can’t get away then maybe you can build up some kind of shield against him/her using meditation. I’ve never had this problem before, though, so I don’t know for sure.

  6. you have to develop your shining armor chi. when you cultivate you chi to such a level that it constantly flows through and around you then you will naturally emit chi that acts as a protective shield for you. psychic vampires can only tap into your chi if there is a weak point for them to penetrate. Just as an uncut hand can hold poison with no ill effects, a person with shining armor chi can be around vampires. but just like it is not wise to always have poison on your skin, it is not wise to spend a lot of time around vampires.

  7. Technically no one can “steal” your chi. They can cast disruptive aura’s which interfer with your own. I suggest that you work on your Tai Chi. Typically if you can channel your blue and green aura colors they you can control the “attack” of others. This will take years of practice and work but you can achieve it. I can block most aura interruptions. Start with Grasping Sparow’s Tail and move up from there.

  8. Protection circles, certain talismans, crystals, herbs, etc. If you use the almighty search engine, you should be able to find some combinations to void off psy-vamp attacks.

  9. Alright for one; STOP thinking that people purposely do that. I mean it. Right now. By thinking that, you’re going to attract all the nuts that think they can do that to people. Like attracts like. It’s a univeral energetic law. Change you perception and you can literally change the way life happens around you. For the better or worse depending on what you expect to see.
    You need some general education on the human energy system and energy in general. No one can take your inner essence. You can’t be any less ‘you’. You may feel fragmented, but that can be due to leaks in your aura or a blocked miridian system.
    There is no need to learn to combat other people’s ‘abilities’. That is futile and you will always feel someone is attacking you no matter what you do or ‘learn’ if you continue to view things like this.
    Advice? Learn to fix your own energies when you need it and put it out of your head that there is a problem with anything outside of yourself. The only people who ‘suck’ energy out of you are people who are whiney, depressed, attention seekers, co-dependant, low self esteem people who need others too much. They don’t purposely ‘vampire’ you – but if you have more energy than they do, being around that person can drain you off a bit just like water will fill into potholes; unless you learn to consciously not allow your energy to ‘spill’ anywhere.
    Here is a really strong grounding technique that will balance you, refill your energy reserve, and strengthen your aura. It’s a mental exercise – but energy follows thought.
    Or you can look online for someone to give you a free Reiki attunement/s and that will clear out a lot of old crud, so you can begin to work with your energy and higher universal energies also. Higher universal energies will not be manipulated in negative ways though FYI. There are interesting things to use it for, but don’t expect Jedi Knight stuff.
    You’re level of ability to control your own energy/chi will depend greatly on your maturity level and beliefs about how energy works. Good luck.

  10. my personal method, which i will share with you, is to visualise a blue bubble if light surrounding you.
    good luck & merry christmas!!

  11. I use something physical that I have a lot of history with, like something in your wallet or a piece of clothing (hat, shoes, something). Something that is personal to you, and that you hold value with. The more personal the better. Then just focus on that being your protection and cloaking you and surrounding you with a shield that doesn’t break cause it’s linked to your physical item that you chose. Everytime you feel it’s weak all you have to do is remember the physical item and remember that it’s your shield, then with a gold sword (make it as realistic as you can), tell the person (mentally) that it is your energy and you will take it back anyways cause it doesn’t belong to them. Then visualize cutting it or the person giving it back to you, and then have it come back into your body.

  12. So, I often feel like I’m a chameleon in my relationships. I become more like them, and understand their mindsets around them. When I’m by myself I hate it and I just feel sad, some people have thus energy that’s just too much to be around, or draining! I can always identify with a persons thoughts and feelings as if i have been there… What do they call that? Things have been happening ever since I was qa little girl in the first home I remember. I was once caught and was floated down gently wheni was a toddler and fell. Then later when I was 13 we had strong spirits in the house that would growl at us… I’ve always been sensitive… I burn white sage all the time just to feel safe


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