Home Discussion Forum How do you stop shadow energy?

How do you stop shadow energy?

Like, if there was a creature that could send shadow energy into you to drain your life source, is there any way to stop that shadow energy?


  1. If we’re playing the energy game…
    Stand in a fast river, under a waterfall/the shower? Or take a walk in a brisk wind? Stand in the middle of a forest or sunbathe or…
    You get the idea, go somewhere you’re surrounded by moving energy. If by some miracle the person can anchor a link on you and start to drain you your life force will just be recharged straight away. It would probably get very exhausting standing there for a long period of time, but you probably wouldn’t die unless you couldn’t stay warm.
    That’s obviously only a temporary fix though. If you’re needing a permenent fix look into charms or fetishes or meditations or incense or alcohole.


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