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How do you start your meditation?

I want to try and meditate but I don’t know how to start.


  1. Well , with out making a religious experence out out of it, find a place that is peaceful to you, Mines a brook. And sit there and relax, breath in deeply and slowly exhale. Think about things that you have on your mind , and try to mentally remove all the negativity in your thought. in the mean time keep breathing in deeply this not only cleanes the air in your lungs, it sends oxygen to your brain and allows you to relax. From now on your on your own.

  2. Sit down in a comfortable position with your spine staight. If you can sit crossed legged with your spine straight, that’s good. In the begining, with your legs crossed, it may be easier to keep your spine straight if you sit sit on a firm pillow. This is common and there are firm, round pillows made especially for this.
    It’s also okay if you sit in a chair but you have to keep your spine straight, so do not lean your back against the chair.
    Keep your feet flat on the floor.
    It’s better with no shoes on, but not necessary.
    It’s better to wear loose fitting sports clothes with an elastic band around the waist, or at least loosen your belt and pants button, and even your zipper, if it’s appropriate.
    Gradually your breath will become longer and deeper on its own. you can encourage your breath to lengthen and deepen, but it is not necessary to force it, it will happen on its own.
    As your breath gets longer and deeper it will be easier and easier to just sit perfectly still with a staight spine. Sit for 10 or 20 minutes. You won’t be in a trance or anything; it just looks that way.
    Do that; sit perfectly still with a straight spine and you’ll be doing it correctly; you can’t do it incorrectly. You can use a mantra or watch your breath, etc. (there are a lot of techniques) but you mind will wander and that’s fine . Just watch how it wanders. Then come back to your mantra breath or whatever. Just do it twice a day for a week and see how you feel.

  3. This very informal yet powerful meditation can be done while drowsing in bed as you are waking up or going to sleep, resting on the couch, or sitting with a straight posture. The premise of the meditation is that heavy energy caused by emotional trauma is lodged in the body, in particular in the energy centers called chakras. These spots of heavy energy become blockages of chi, ultimately manifesting in emotional and spiritual problems, and sometimes physical illness. The purpose of the meditation is to dissolve and dislodge the blockages.
    SIMPLE SOLUTION: Spiritual healing can have a very profound effect on your life, and this technique is one that will help no matter what your experience with energy work may be, whether you are old or young, sick or healthy. Learn how, here:
    You can finish reading this article and many others @ care2.com in the green living section or just click on the site below. If you type in MEDITATION in the search section there is a list of different meditations, like healing, forgivness etc.Meditation is a great way to heal, relax and feel tranquil.
    Good luck in your quest I hope this helps.

  4. web search some guided meditations, and then tape them. read it aloud in a calm voice. Then find a comfortable chair where you will not be disturbed and play the tape. let your mind float along with the words and also let the mind wander. for it is when you let the mind wander to quiet that you are meditating. Starting with guided ones will take you there! When you start “thinking” about daily stuff just stop that, let it go genlty, not forced. it takes some practice but soooo worth it.
    meditation for me in settling the mind chatter to the off position, then float within. After meditation, I get so much inspiration!

  5. What I do is go to a place that you are comfortable with and is quiet…. Sit or lay and now think of a place that you have been or want to be and concentrate on it.. You will then fall into a nice feeling and your medtating will start… When you are finished… Slowly get up and you will be in a surprisingly rested mode… Good luck Grant M in Pennsylvania


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