How do you start doing Tai Chi?

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I am interested in the martial arts form called Tai Chi. Not just because its a good exercise but also for the fighting style they have. Its very smooth, gentle and powerful. If I am not mistaken a fan is also one of Tai Chi’s weapon, is it not? I love to use a fan as a weapon. Its practical and you can practically bring it everywhere even on airplanes.

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Good luck to you! You’ll look aweful silly fighting in s-l-o-w- m-o-t-i-o-n! hehe


You need to find a tai chi dojo and an instructor and to start working cause there are very much tings to be learned.I started practicing tai chi a year ago but I’m also doing wushu.Tai chi is a very interesting and beautiful form of martial arts.My favorite weapon is the broad sword but I also like the fan.Good luck!

Ray H

You need to find a reputable Tai Chi school . Although it is more for excersise ,Tai Chi is a martial art and at full speed its moves are the same as any art … deadly . I don’t know if tai chi teaches the fan as a weapon , but it is a very versatile weapon . ( hard to learn though )
Good luck !!!

Lip Service

Jump slightly in the air and land with legs spread with one slightly in front of the other. Bend at the knees. As you land your hands should be at about shoulder level. Smoothly but gently and powerfuly lower your arms to below the waist. Both hands should be in the “classic Karate chop mode”
As you land begin with a blood curdling and forceful rendition of the following sound.
It helps to tense up at the end (in the hhh!!!!!!! portion), this causes the head and neck to tremble slightly. Have a stern look on your face.
Well, there you have it. That is how to start doing Tai Chi.
Hope it helps.


Tai Chi is also taught in community centres. The fan is one of the weapons, but you’ll need to learn the basic moves first before getting into weapons training.


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