How do you shuffle tarot cards?

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I have this book about how to use tarot cards and it says to shuffle them like regular playing cards but idk how to do that. It also says you can shuffle them how ever you feel like it but idk how. So please people help.

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i do the bridge with mine.


psychic here
You can shuffle tarot cards same as playing cards as long as you are comfortable and do not falter while doing your meditations/prayers.
Watch out though, I have found that the larger cards are a little more susceptible to creasing and bending… worn cards might have character but overly worn may not shuffle well creating a bogus reading
for more on tarot reading I wrote a blog that is very helpful
and my vlog
i hope I was able to help you in your search for answers


I shuffle my Tarot cards just as you would with normal playing cards. That is, I hold them horizontally and on the side in one hand, and use the other hand to shuffle the cards from side to side (I hope that makes sense!). At first, this took a bit of practice – many Tarot decks use cards that are slightly bigger than playing cards. The more you handle the cards, the more comfortable you will be with shuffling.
Alternatively, you can put all the cards face-down on a table and shuffle them all together in a big messy pile, then pick up the cards again.


There are several ways. The “riffle shuffle” is the method used by professional card players (I can’t do it very well and it can damage the cards if you are not too good at it). Then there is the “overhand method” that I use, or just spreading them out on the table and moving them around before you reassemble them. The latter method is also best if they are too large to shuffle by hand. You can also shuffle them longways instead of sideways if size is a problem. Use whatever method you are comfortable with. Then you should cut the deck. This website has some good tips:


Tarot cards tend to be bigger and longer so you can’t really shuffle them the way most people shuffle cards ie the bridge shuffle. Just hold them in one hand use the other hand to shuffle them in your palm pulling cardls gently from the middle and bsck and bringing them to the front. Try not to think to much about it you are supposed to be focusing on the question.


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