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How do you separate telepathy from your own thoughts?

I tried to do telepathy with my friend and I seem to be better at sending than receiving. I think it is because I can’t really get thoughts out of my head. I have been meditating for a while and I can control thoughts, but I always think that I got what my friend sent when it was I think my thoughts.
So how do you separate telepathy from your own thoughts? Also is there like a think in you brain that goes “You have mail!” or something like that that lets you know you are receiving something?


  1. It doesn’t exist – retard.
    Wow there are 7 other retards who think it exists – or are they your 7 other accounts…

  2. No, there isn’t a way of seperating it from your own thoughts. Meanwhile, you just have to ask and confirm. With experience, you will know the difference. For now, you will be able to send and receive. Concentrate on one thought and the one that comes out of the blue is the one. Maybe your friend is more sensitive to these signals and catches them faster. A telepathic connection also arises between people who are very close and have spent a lot of time together.

  3. Easy – they’re all your own thoughts. No one has ever been able to show telepathy actually exists, and it would be so easy to prove if it did. There are millions of dollars in prizes for anyone who could do that.
    How to test it? Easy. Get two other friends, keep one in a room with you and have the other two (including the one you’re sending to / receiving from) in another room far away where you can’t hear each other. Have a deck of cards on your end. Shuffle it 7 times and turn them over one at a time, ‘sending’ them to your friend. Have the person on your end record the order of the cards. Have the other person record what the receiver says and then compare lists. Only exact order counts. If you’ve got more than 5 correct, you might be eligible to win a million bucks from the JREF.

  4. Knowing who you are tends to allow your thoughts to be identified, and unusual thoughts to be noted.
    You might give “Ethical ESP” and “Watch Your Dreams,” by Ann Ree Colton,
    “The Path of the Higher Self,” Mark Prophet, and
    “Man’s Psychic Life: Elements and Structures,” O. M. Aivanhov, a read.
    Reviews at http://www.amazon.com

  5. You have to learn how to listen. sit quietly and let the thoughts come. Don’t judge them, just let them enter. The ones that aren’t mine, feel foreign to me. They also tend to be louder than my own thoughts and each voice has its own distinct way of speaking. Like dialect and whatnot. The angels, for example, tend to speak a lot more regally than I do. For me they usually also come with the feel of the person sending them, I get their energy signature, a sense of the person themselves. Quite often I get a name that pops strong into my mind.
    Don’t control the thoughts when you meditate. Sit quite and let them flow around you. Don’t hold them, notice them then let them go. Let them come to you, don’t reach out for them.
    this is what works for me. It also just takes practice. The more you do it, the better you’ll get.

  6. For me I just know….examples….
    I am better at receiving telepathic thoughts, and once communicated with a spirit telepathy. I can usually pick up the thoughts of people and spirits as long as I can see them, even if they are far off but within sight. At first I thought it was something to do with their expressions, but most of the spirits I see, they don’t have details of expressions to see. I believe it happens when they are thinking of me the same time I am of them, but it happens unwillingly. Once In a meeting many of the people there, their thoughts flooded my head all at once, because I was the speaker at the time, and it was hard at that time to ascertain who’s thoughts were who’s, but usually I know where and who the telepathic thought came from.
    When you see the person your thinking of usually it is their thought that you just received. It may work differently for others depending on their abilities and sensitivity.

  7. Well ….. when they are talking to me, telepathically I know that it’s them, and not me.
    Usually it’s a red flag that waves and spontaneously at that~so this lets me know that the antenna “has received” a message[s]. In an emergency a yellow flag waves as if it’s right before my very eyes. When it’s a pet or animal and snout presents itself out of nowhere, yet before I know it~right afterwards my message comes through like the speed of light or faster.
    Hope this helps

  8. My experience has been limited, but you somehow sense or know when a thought comes from ‘outside’. It just sticks out and says: ‘here I am’. Good luck.


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