How do you send positive energy into the world?





All this talk about positive energy and karma has got me wondering, how exactly does someone send positive energy into the world to receive positive energy back?
Most clear response will receive best answer.
lol yeah I mean energy not as in the electrical kind.


  1. One way is to generate electrical energy with a windmill from your home. In the United States, the electric company is required to pay you for your input.
    If your word “energy” is a metaphor for something else, please be more specific.

  2. Energy, as defined in Physics, is a scalar quantity, not a vector quantity. As such, energy is directionless: it is not left nor right, it is not back nor forth, it is not up nor down, it is not positive nor negative. If you are talking about energy other than that defined by Physics then you are in the wrong forum: this is a Science Forum. I got clued into this when I fully read your follow-up. Karma is a Hindu concept, and this type of question belongs in the Religion Forum.

  3. I think you’re in the right place. Science (learning about atoms) got me into energy healing (reiki) which in turn got me into physics. Science might “define” energy in a certain way, but there is a lot we don’t fully understand. The placebo effect, visualization (for healing) with positive results, “vibes” we feel in certain places or with certain people. Those things are real, but we don’t have much of a scientific explanation for them yet. I have a personal theory that thoughts take on some type of physical form that just haven’t been discovered yet.
    Sending out positive energy is easy, you just need to find a way that suits you. I partially believe that if you send it out, you will get it in return, and I partially believe that it was always there, it’s just that being more open to it allows you to receive it.
    What you can do.. anything that is spiritual to you. Do you have a god you believe in? If so, pray to him. Do you love the earth? If so, pray to nature. Think good thoughts, smile at random people, hold the door open for someone, pick up trash when you see it on the streets or in the woods. Remind yourself of things that you’re thankful for, or better yet, write them down, even the little things. Seeing a little kid smile,
    watching a sunrise or sunset, having a nice pair of gloves on a warm day. Anything.
    Sit in a quiet place and meditate. Picture a root coming down from the base of your spine and enter the deepest part of the earth. Feel at one with things around you, see the connections.
    Or sit and picture light (god, nature, the universe, wherever you beleive life comes from) come in through the crown of your head.. it’s clean and pure.. let it enter you, take it in, and send it radiating out from your body.. send it all over your house, to the people you love, until it eventually covers the earth and everything that lives here.
    Just be connected and think positively. And that doesn’t mean to ignore negative feelings – they’re there for a reason – just deal with them and let them go. Want good things to happen to people, even if you don’t like them. The more you think positvely, and the more you feel connected, the more naturally it all will come. You’ll find your own way to send out positivity.

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