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How do you select your significator for tarot readings?

I mean, I know how I do, but what do you use to choose your significator?
All good answers. I just wanted to see what other people did. I personally always use the Queen of Cups for my significator because it relates to my chart.


  1. I’ve just started picking the significator according to the person’s age and sun sign. If they are a young person who is an air sign, for example, I’ll pick the Page of Swords. An older man who is a water sign will be the King of Cups. I’d judge by their general demeanour, though – if they are older but are more childish, I will opt for a younger card.
    I haven’t done it much, but it makes me feel more connected and comfortable personally, as I find elements are very important.
    Oddly enough, though, I find a significator will often present itself as the person shuffles.

  2. There are numerous ways to do this. Some do it depending on the person’s astrological sign. Others do it because of age and gender. Still, others do it depending on their personality.
    Personally, I don’t choose a significator. The reason I don’t do this is because I want every card to have the same chance of ending up in a spread. Many readers choose significators and still many readers do not. If you feel it’s important you should continue doing it. There are no rules with Tarot. The only rule really is to do what feel “right” to you.

  3. its as simple as this. The first card you draw in a reading is always the significator. Whatever the spread or card, it is up to the reader to determine how that reflects with or to the person concerned.
    I have been reading the cards for the last 25 years, so i think i am well qualified to comment.
    hope this helps
    Psychic Paula


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