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How do you see someones aura?

Do you have to be a seer to see someones aura?


  1. Anyone can learn to see their own or other people’s auras.
    Get a partner or stand in front of a mirror. The background (wall, etc) should be blank and preferably white. Rooms that aren’t too bright usually seem to work better. Have the person stand approximately 18 inches from the wall.
    To see the aura, look at the wall behind the person and a couple inches away from their body. Remember the 3-D stereogram pictures that were popular a few years ago, where the trick was to look a few inches into the “noise” to see the 3-D image? The trick to seeing auras uses the same concept. Look beyond where the person is standing. Ignore the person’s body; if you look at them you’ll lose the aura image. You should see an area around the person where the background wall may look lighter than the rest. If you can, try to see the color. If you had to pick any color (besides white) to describe this area, what would it be? Also, different areas of a person’s aura may be different colors. The color you pick for one area may be different than another area.
    Once you think you see it, have them sway from side to side. The energy field you see should move with their movement. An after-image would not move with the person, it would only move as your own eyes moved. Also, after-images are the exact opposite color of what you were looking at; auras may be any color.
    You can also practice seeing the various colors, however, by looking at after-images. Cut out several circles, each approximately 3-4 inches in diameter, from colored construction paper, or color them in with markers. You should end up having red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, white and black circles. Place one on a white piece of paper, and stare at it approx 30 seconds. Remove the circle and look at the white paper. You should see an afterimage, the exact opposite color of the circle you stared at. Bring the color into focus, and you may find your eyes refocusing a few inches deeper than the surface of the paper, just like looking at auras. Practice with each circle.
    Most people have little problem seeing the whitish area around people. A few months of practice, and you may notice that this whitish area separates into light yellows and blues and pinks. More practice, and these colors will separate further; oranges may be found where you once saw yellows, greens may be seen instead of light blue. An electric blue or purple area may also be seen close to the body, and this is the etheric body. The etheric body is quite vivid, and may be seen within a few months of practice, even while no specific colors are visible in the rest of the person’s energy. Eventually, you may see the person’s chakras, which may look like brighter energy areas, energy vortices, etc.
    ** There are a lot of self-help books out there — so check out the library or an alternative book store!

  2. It’s by experience and by looking at a person, by how he reacts to situations or how he uses words and by his facial expression, you can see the person’s aura, generally speaking. As for an expert or a “seer”, I think all have this “instinct” innate in us humans.

  3. It’s not something you actually see. More of a feeling or awareness of the person’s personal vibes coming from their body.
    Some claim they can see the air surrounding the body in colors, but few do.
    Stand near one of your friends or relatives that has a strong confident personality; are you able to see the aura or feel it?

  4. it’s hard to explain, you should start first by looking for say, an orange glow around a blue object or vise versa, pink glow around green objects, vise versa. red:turquoise purple:yellow. once you see that glow focus and concentrate on it, looking directly at it usually makes it dissapear. once you’ve mastered that you can try it on yourself preferably standing naked infront of a mirror and against a white wall. (naked because the colors of your clothes have an aura of thier own. if you were wearing a blue shirt you would see some orange in the aura). at first you might only see a white glow but you can soon see the colors. my aura is mostly green, some yellow green and some bluish green and there’s a pinkish purple halo around that. every now and then you’ll see a flash of yellow or blue or purple. you can also look at something like your arm against a white surface. then you’ll be able to do the same thing with other people, though they might wonder why you’re staring. you can email me if you have any questions. googling “how to see auras” or something like that should be helpful.

  5. To answer your second question, no you don’t.
    To answer your first, you cannot go wrong with what SU said she knows exactly what she’s talking about.
    Let me ask you this, have you felt how someone else was feeling? A friend, family member etc if so you have come into contact with that persons auric field.
    I’m able to do this and am constantly aware of my partners aura.
    I actually saw my aura a few weeks ago when I attended a psychic fair, I had an aura photograph done and from when I’ve had readings with other mediums I wasn’t surprised with what I saw in the picture and indeed the colour of my aura.

  6. You can get a kirlian camera. kirlian came up with a camera that takes pictures of a person energy .and with all the colours .he was from Russia.are get someone to stand against a white wall.and look not at the but the wall behind them and then let your mind wander and not think about it and you may see it. most people cant see it.you have to do this many times before you can see the colours.


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