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How do you see auras?

I want to know if I have a rare aura. Black, gold, and silver are the rarest of all auras, but white is pretty rare to. I have a friend who says she can see auras and I want to believe her… *sigh.. maybe one day!


  1. You cannot, unless you want to become convinced you are actually seeing something that isn’t there. That’s called a delusion. The human eyeball is only designed to pick up and translate light in the visible spectrum. Unless these so-called “viewers” are claiming to be another race of humans entirely (which is not possible) there is no way their eyes can do something the rest of ours can’t.
    Ever notice that when “viewed” by different “mediums”, your aura changes color and mood according to each “medium”? Now granted, sometimes they coincide, but that’s hardly unusual given that you only have seven colors of the rainbow to choose from, and then, more rarely, metallic and neutral tones. They are more rare because those are the mediums who want to convince you that you’re “special” or “different”. Even given color permutations it is fairly easy to get similiar results from different mediums simply because of the limited choices available.
    These viewers want soo badly to be different, special, mysterious, mystical, etc. etc. etc. themselves that they convince themselves that they can actually “see” auras. The only “aura” the human body puts out is its electromagnetic field, and its infrared “glow” – neither of which are visible with the human eye.

  2. anyone can learn to see auras 🙂 you just have to have an open mind to it 🙂 i was COMPLETELY skeptical of auras at first and barely even decided to give them a try….but i did….and i was amazed….cuz i started to see it slowly at first. then i would practice holding my hand (not on but little away from the white wall) everyday and before i knew it all i do now is just hold my hand up to anything white and i can see it’s aura 🙂
    it does take practice…….i have heard auras have different layers…so far i’m only on the first one….but it is the easiest one to see so lol……but yes i can see different colors cuz i have held different colored objects up to the white wall and seen that each color has its own aura……as for people….i can only see one color on them..and that is teal, light blue…..i’m working on if i’ll ever be able to see more than that but ahhhh who knows 🙂 i’ll keep an open mind to it 🙂


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