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How do you say the word "chakra" ?

Is it chay kra, shay kra,cha kra, sha kra, cha kray, sha kray ?
Sorry, I’ve never heard this word said outloud !!


  1. I’ve heard it pronounced with a hard “ch” (“chock-ruh”) or a soft “ch” (“shock-ruh”). I think either way is fine. It is a silly word after all.

  2. Answers one and two are both right. It can be said with the shock or with more of the CH sound. Or you can just say the six main energy areas of your body.

  3. ckakra is an indian word and is pronounced chuk-ra
    the westerners pronounciation of it is shok-ra .. and it absolutely wrong..
    chakra is an india word.. i would know cos i am an indian


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