How do you say the 25th name of god (out of the 72 from kabbalah) Speak Your Mind. in hebrew?

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I have a tattoo on my neck symbolizing the 25th god which is Speak Your Mind out of the 72 names of god. how do you say it in Hebrew?

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Maybe you should check things like that before you have them tattood on yourself.


It’s something like n.t.h
I’m not sure this is meant to be pronounced.


The 3 letters making up the 25th name are: nun tav he.
These 72 names are not words and have no standard pronunciation.


I’m going to do you a favour and not tell you. You seriously going to take information from a Russian Christian site about a Jewish form of studying the Torah as being genuine? The people have zero knowledge of the real Kabbalah, and tattooing that nonsense pn yourself will just turn you into an object of ridicule when people laugh at your gullibility!
The site is huilarious- it omits the 42 letter name, the 72 letter name- it puts together nonsense strings of Hebrew letters and claims they are names. It omits correct information like the name Elohim, the tetragammaton, the name Shalom, the name Rachamim and others. It writes Hebrew letters, yet the authors seem to lack basic knowledge of Hebrew- such as the fact that some letters change form when they are at the end of a word! Basic information that my son in grade 2 could correct. It seems that the authors of the site just typed random strings of Hebrew letters, with no knowldge of what they meant. The Hebrew words are meaningless- and in the few cases that they approach looking like an actual Hebrew word, the meaning bears absolutely no relationship to the Hebrew! In short- the list is complete meaningless nonsense!

Elaine Pomeransky

I agree with Allonyoav. Although I’m not a learned Hebrew scholar it’s pretty obvious people are guessing even if they are doing it with the best will. If you are going to have a tattoo make sure before you have it you have the spelling and the tattooist can tattoo in Hebrew. Elohim would be a safe choice of name. I had a star of david but got it lasered some years ago as it didn’t go with rest of tattoo. I was thinking of a Hebrew tattoo of Elohim. The name we get in Genesis.


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