Home Discussion Forum How do you say Chakra?

How do you say Chakra?

Only cool people say it like Katctra!
I forgot, goodnight soon, everyone
lol, you guys, this is a joke, you know that right?
lexdemon – wtf? lol
I guess you guys arent cool! Cool people say it like Katchra!!


  1. haha Katctra
    Believe it xD
    (me) * is a total nerd and shouldnt be saying katctra (only cool people say it like that)*

  2. I say it like asidhiashrhfrh,but that’s just me.
    No,but seriously ch-k-ra.
    Naruto Rocks!!!!!

  3. In the Dictionary it is spells Chakura or chakra but you can say it in an easy way
    Like removing Letter C and replace letter S and removing the Letter word U. That will gonna show as SHAKRA.

  4. i say it just as naruto: chatora!!! ^_^
    At least that’s what i understand from naruto.
    But again, that’s only me and him…
    did you know i claim myself as his wife???

  5. Actually my friends call it Shakra & one even call it Chagra & wont say it is just Chakra & to add to this he is a Tai kwon do Master!

  6. so i’m not cool that is way beyond sad. I say it how it is written Cha-ka-ra. Then you put it all together and whala.

  7. I say it as Katctra but I’m not cool -_-
    Jk jk, but still for me I say it with a ‘k’ instead of ‘Ch’ at the front.


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