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How do you save a person who has a negative aura and doesn't believe in spirituality and save them from hell?

I have the ability to sense energy and things around people, how do you save someone who has actually very negative almost death like vibes but doesn’t believe in spirituality, this person is not a bad person he is very nice. I tried taking them to some “new age” store and show them stuff about chakra opening chants, and aura cleaning meditations, I feel this person might be eternally damned to what is commonly called hell today or in ancient Egypt also known as the “shadow land” or “land of mists” because they are of a rigid traditional thinking and are judgemental, but not a bad person. I took them to an alley and to the park where people were chanting and doing aura viewing, can you please give me some ideas. I feel this person is lost.


  1. see the problem here is that YOU are the person in need of saving. you are clearly a highly deluded human being, and i suggest you educate yourself and open your mind to reality, logic, and reason.

  2. I think the first thing you should do, sweetie, is maybe check yourself into a mental hospital where you will likely be diagnosed with a rather severe form of schizophrenia. Don’t worry, there are medications you can take. It’s better than the doom of a confused and misguided lifestyle that you lead.

  3. Wow. If the way you present your ideas in person is similar to the the way you presented them here, I don’t blame that person for not wanting you to help them.

  4. I think positive thoughts to ward off negative energy and the best thing you can do is have as minimum contact with that person as possible and pray to the “source” for that person’s guidence which will come when your friend is ready enough.
    This author seems perfectly sane to me unlike the lot of you commenting on here though I won’t name any names. 🙂
    You’r all idiots! If you don’t believe in Aura’s then why bother posting crap on here further offending the author?
    In fact YOU commenters are worse then the friend the author is trying to save so go back to the pen where you sheeples belong! 😛
    I wouldn’t be surprised if all of you have accounts on Yahoo Answers who flame/degrade others who ask about things they have personally experienced.
    When I get raptured I won’t have to wade thru this kind of crap anymore when someone has a serious spiritual problem.
    I wish I had the wading boots from the Banjo Kazooie videogame on the N64. :p
    Enough said.

  5. Oh yeah: To the OP on this topic:
    Don’t even THINK about asking this question on Yahoo Answers as you will get this exact same kind of treatment.
    It’s really weird how these people seem EXACTLY like the same trolls on that above site I mentioned with not ONE difference.
    There are agens in this world who’s purpose is to create dis-information so people won’t get the true spiritual help they need and only you know where the problems are.

  6. You cannot live someone else’s life for them. Nor can you live their after-life. My mum thought I would burn in hell because she believed in hell. I don’t believe in hell any more than my mum believed in Valhalla, re-incarnation or any other form of beyond-these-mortal-coils. Instead of fretting about your friend’s spirituality, examine your own. What causes you to call him/her friend and yet condemn their soul? As my kids would say ” Who died and made YOU god?”


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