Home Discussion Forum how do you remove negative energy from a present?

how do you remove negative energy from a present?

i have some used clothes that was given to me,when i wear them i feel bizarre.


  1. there are many things you can do.
    Im wiccan, and my mom taught me many ways to remove negative energy.
    Put your hands over the clothes
    Close your eyes and picture the negative energy [in a light form usually helps]
    Try to soak all the negative energy out of the clothes.
    you dont have to do it with your eyes closed, but it usually helps concentrate.
    When you think you have enough, shake your hands out, or picture the negative energy
    going into the earth.
    Do this, until you dont feel the negative energy anymore. [or as less as you can go]
    Hope i helped!!

  2. My ex-wife knitted me a sweater. I couldn’t wear it as it seemed to want to choke me. It would creep up on my neck and it scared me in a funny and strange way. After the divorce, I gave it to the Salvation Army. This is the first time I’ve thought of it in probably twenty years, so I guess I did well by giving it away, won’t you agree?
    Your understanding of negative energy might not agree with mine. You know what they say about one man’s meat being another’s poison? When I’m uncertain about something I have, I will usually give it away rather than endure being upset over and over because I’m not happy with the item. Out of sight, out of mind. And someone else might love to have the item.

  3. This is not good enough. The person that will put this on will still putt the negative energy on you. This will be less than when you use the clothes yourself but the influence will still be there for some time. The best is to take a scissors and cut the clothes in pieces.


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