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How do you remove flouride from your body?

I’m trying to do some experimentation. I’d like to know how to fight the effects of fluoride or to remove fluoride from my body as I am trying to discover if this will have any effect on improving my ability to ‘awaken’ my pineal gland and if it will have any effect on joint stiffness I have been starting to feel. Anyone know how to get it out of our bodies?
I’m not trying to remove all of it. Flouride is accumulated in your pineal gland. This gland absorbs more flouride than any body part and in very large quanities; it is now thought it has a lot to do with many of our health problems like early onset puberty in girls. As i have been able to awaken my pineal gland in the past thus access the crown chakra I will use my own self for the control. I do not know another person who has accessed the crown chakra or achieved christos.
The feeling of oneness with the Creator and of travelling as if in deep space is gorgeous. The feeling of unconditional love and of peace makes me want to be able to do it or go there more often. Once awoken it is always awoken but you can fine tune it.


  1. yep let your life cycle be
    any thing that overcomes the normal line is eliminated by your body so i dont think u can do it. the human body is a machine that likes to keep thing normal and any thing that is low or high will be corrected.
    this is called homeostasis.

  2. you can’t totally, if you lived in the city all your life and drank tap water, used toothpaste etc. it’s already embedded in your bone matrix. it’s easier with tissue, but again by purging your systen of fluoride you will lose other minerals essential to you through your kidney function. do more research on the subject.

  3. Homeopathy from a registered homeopath can help… there are claims that is can clear mercury and aluminium, other heavy metals/chemicals.
    A living juice juicer and the right sort of vegie juices are also said to help greatly. Have you tried that? Get one with a slow auger if you get on, not a KMart-style whirry whizzy one – the speed creates heat which kills enzymes and vitamins.

  4. The amount of fluoride you ingest by normal means, ie; drinking water, toothpaste, can’t possibly hurt you, unless you have some kind of severe allergy.
    But in any case, I can see several problems with your experiment. You will never know if you have cleared your system of all fluoride. What are you going to use for a control? You need to control for placebo effect, low and high peak periods of joint stiffness, etc etc etc etc. Otherwise you may end up with false positives, and miss the real underlying cause of your problems.

  5. I’m basically in agreement with you that fluoride is “very bad”
    However One of the annoying things is that fluoride is really difficult to get out of your body or even the water you are drinking.
    However, the following things are thought to help;
    1) Limit your exposure:
    The best way to do this besides getting a reverse osmosis filter (or moving to utah/hawaii as they are the only states which do not fluorinate) is to
    Additionally, fluoride bioaccumulates, so it’s most prevalent in processed foods, and the most infrequent in organic produce. As such, shifting your diet towards there can help.
    2) Eating enough iodine (this will replace fluoride stored in the body, although it does so primarily in the thyroid not the pineal).
    3) Eating colloidal or monotomic gold. I don’t have any first hand experience here, but I’ve met a lot of people that told me it works (basically gold will only react with fluoride, and once paired with it, will not displace fluoride into another compound, but will take fluoride out of another metal complex, and AuF is harmless and get’s excreted by the body, hence overtime it will take it out of the body). I never followed through on this (due to cost), but it’s supposed to be the best way to deal with it.
    4) Reduce your exposure to aluminum and mercury as much as possible. Fluoride is the most damaging when it combines with either of those two.
    I have heard homeopathic stuff works for fluoride BUT I have no actual first hand verifiation of it being true. If it did, that would be really nice and solve the problem, but thusfar I have not come across anything confirming that.
    To some extent completely avoiding fluoride is impossible tho, so I would instead advocate doing something else to compensate for it. I come from the Taoist tradition, so I advocate some of their better stuff, and if you’re interested I can pass that along to you (which will also help a lot for joint stiffness).
    hope that helps!


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