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How do you recognize a Lightworker?

Are you one of them?
Okay, for those who don’t know what I’m talking about:
“Lightworkers are people who feel inspired to help others through “Shining Their Light”, teaching, spiritual meditation, healing, prayer, writing and speaking with Universal Love.”
†’ From Wikipedia
Dear Larry,
I tend to agree with our friend RW (below). There is probably a reason why you don’t get what we are saying. It’s alright, though. Maybe you will one day. We will wait for you, buddy. Best wishes!


  1. They stand near the door and engage in a lot of busy work.
    Also, they avoid standing near the heavyworkers, so you don’t notice the contrast.

  2. those who are supposed to be able to will naturally be able to.
    those who have no need or purpose to be able to would not tend to “see it”.

  3. They tend to wear orange helmets, wear tool belts, climb up power poles, and drive around in trucks with NEW YORK POWER AND LIGHT on them.
    Those are the ONLY real “lightworkers”. The wikipedia reference is to something that is just new age BS.


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