How do you read someone's aura?

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How do you read someone aura?

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it is a myth
it cannot be done

Slightly Dark Prom DJ

You admit to yourself that auras are a load of poop, then you listen to this:

Charlaaaaaaaaay (:

Find a suitable background that fits your practice. If you’re looking at the aura around your hand, a large sheet of white paper might be enough. If you’re viewing a friend’s aura, a plain wall for them to sit in front of is essential.
# Get the proper lighting. Not too bright, and not too dark. Most people find that natural light, such as sunlight or a candle flame in a shady room, works best.
# Position your partner, or yourself.
* If reading yourself, hold one of your hands up against a white background in any way that’s comfortable to you.
* If reading a partner, make them comfortable, and explain what you’ll be doing. Have them wear clothes that aren’t too patterned. They don’t have to sit very still, so they can have a drink or a book if they want one.
# Relax your eyes as you gaze at your subject. It may help to look at the tips of your fingers or the head of your partner. Let your eyes fall out of focus a bit. You should start to see a haze around the edges, it might seem like a very clear light, or a light blue/white mist.
# Determine any color(s) that are visible. Colors may be clear and bright, or cloudy and muddy. Some people (like beginners) can only see one dominant color while others may see multiple colors.
# Be aware of after-images. If you stare at the same spot for long enough, your eyes will start to see after-images that are the inverse of what you’re looking at. These are not auras, and you’ll know this because you’ll be able to see the after-image for a short time in front of your eyes, wherever you look. After-image color pairs are:
* black and white
* red and turquoise
* orange and blue
* yellow and violet
* green and pink
# Be patient. When you first see an aura, it’ll often disappear as soon as you blink or move your eyes. It takes practice to hold your focus steady.
Record what you see. Drawing a body outline and then shading in colors around it can be a fun way of recording what you see for later analysis, and it’s something to show your subject so they can relate to what you’re looking for. Be aware that some colors in auras are very difficult to recreate with colored pencils.
# Learn what the colors and shades mean. Get a guide to interpret what you’ve seen. A lot of people are surprised by how insightful it can be. In time you may be able to tune your intuition so that you can interpret the aura without the guide.


Look at their body language and moods. lol that’s realistic unlike the ‘aura’. If you really wanna SEE something, do what the person above said, even though its hallucination it may be fun.

Pangel - off to the prom

many times yes
I do it in one of two ways
either see the colours in my mind and interpret them
or if I focus , see the colours around the person
the colours all have different meanings and depending on where you see them and their shade etc .. can take on more meaning


from left to right and up to down.
Do not be fooled by everyone.

the chosen one

You must go to Radio Shack and buy a aura meter reader. Then you must go in a dark room and measure the output of the aura with the meter. Don’t be standing in any water barefooted while taking this reading because a severe shock can blow the guts out of the meter.

Lola B

are you serious?


omgg i was doing it today with my sister. i can see auras ,like on objects people, pets…. etc etc but some people can’t
You basically look at the objects for a while and than you will see a light or glow around the object ( if you can see auras… some can’t)
Here are the 6 colors associated with personality
Blue = passive
Red = likeable
Black = not telling the truth
Yellow = caring
Brown = unstable
white =

Mad Scientist

Charlaaaa is exactly right. Follow the directions and open your mind. You will see. The more you practice, the easier it gets and the more you will see.

sub z

It invsable none exist after life perwill dimastion wisdom arts., energy of light can only seen thow meditation close eyes or invsable energy reading deal wave of creative invsavble matter apper ing eiffact psychal meclules adams…..
psychal exist perwill dimastion education wisdom arts
name coloer expressed mood or event by speach


Almost anyone can see auras with enough training.
Here’s a site with some exercises for you:
Hope it helped. ^^


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