how do you read past lives with tarot cards?

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please dont give me rude comments. if you want to answer the question because you have some good advice thanks. but if you want to lecture me dont waste your time… i’ve heard it all.
thank you!!

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The spirits of the other person jump into the cards and then they tranform back into the rashi’s hand.


i have never done that. but my guess is that if you really want to know: ask and they will start talking.

many owls

that would be interesting,but i never heard of it.
a true phychic could.
but only through this life.
the intention would be in a strict sense,a lesson unlearned.

Lha Bho

Technically, the tarot responds to the question that resonates the strongest, so if the querent asked about a past life, they would probably create a reading regarding the past life that has the strongest impact on their present life. Having the 8 of Swords cross the querent card wouldn’t give you specific dates or periods as such but it would probably stir the strongest past-life memory in the person asking the question (especially if you are doing a reading for yourself) so that actions and coincidences that appear as such will suddenly make more sense. Patterns exist across many lifetimes as well and its easier to read the past once you know what pattern the present is responding off of.


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