How do you read Aura's?

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You can’t, it’s a scam. This was tested out scientifically in a controlled experiment, the results were that the people who made such claims couldn’t see any auras when the person was hidden from view.
If someone could read auras, they could win a million dollars from James Randi whose challenge to prove the supernatural has yet to be bested.
Edit: Ok, people here must have a different definition of field and aura then I do. If you have to physically see the person to see their aura, then they aren’t radiating anything. Maybe their skin changes color or something like that, but if their aura takes up space outside the person, then you should be able to block out the person and still see the aura.
If auras don’t work like that, they shouldn’t be called auras, they should be called skin changes. Whose fault is it that people who read auras can’t even explain what it is they are seeing?

blind existence

crazyJ, thats the point of readin aura’s you have to see the person to see the aura that they vibrate.
aura is a force of energy around livin things, thats a fact of science. so its color reflects our moods and emotional status.
the debate is about if people can see it, well ofcourse you cant see it if you cant even see the person who has it duh


I respectfully disagree with CrazyJ, at least re: scam. I am not aware of any scientific studies on the subject although I would love to read them if told where to find them. Anyways, on the subject of how to read auras. The ability to read human auras is a ‘gift’, I know only a few people with this special skill and to the best of my knowledge, they were born with it, and have developed their accuracy over years of self study and ‘training’ their eyes to do this. The aura is believed to be an extension of the human energy field or ‘life-force’ if you will. We all have them, some are ‘intact’ which means that each of the many layers of the auric field is whole. Um, there are no snags or creases or tears in it. Try to think of it as layers of veils, perfectly aligned and perfect. When we as humans suffer a trauma, be it illness, injury or what have you, then certain layers (veils) of our aura can be effected by the trauma, resulting in irregularities or as in my example- we get a tear in our veil, allowing some of our life-force to be leaked away from us. If we continue our lives without repairing hole in the aura, chances are it continues to grow inevitably allowing more and more of our life force to slip away, and eventually we experience this on an emotional, psychological and finally physical level- manifesting as physical illness, to varying degrees. This is alot of information and not even the tip of the iceberg, so, how about I leave you with this suggestion? Go to www. and present your question to the numerous qualified, sensitives and spiritualists who lend themselves to people who are seeking knowledge. I personally recommend further study on your part and I think this site will more than satisfy your curiosity. Thanks for letting me babble. Peace


An aura, according to New Age metaphysics, is a colored outline, or set of contiguous outlines, allegedly emanating from the surface of an object. Auras are not to be confused with the aureoles or halos of saints, which are devices of Christian iconography used to depict the radiance of light associated with divine infusion. In the New Age, even the lowly amoeba has an aura, as does the mosquito and every lump of goat dung. The aura supposedly reflects a supernatural energy field or life force that permeates all things. Human auras allegedly emerge from the chakras. Under ordinary circumstances, auras are only visible to certain people with special psychic power. However, with a little bit of training, or with a special set of Aura Goggles with “pinacyanole bromide” filters (available at your local New Age Head Shop), anyone can see auras. You may also use Kirlian photography to capture auras on film. At least that is what New Age spiritualists believe.
On the other hand, you may also see auras if you have a migraine, a certain form of epilepsy, a visual system disorder or a brain disorder. These auras, however, are somewhat different from the kind encouraged by most aura training exercises. These involve staring at an object placed against a white background in a dimly lit room. What one sees is due to retinal fatigue and other natural perceptual processes, not the unleashing of hidden psychic powers. Something similar happens when you stare at certain colored or black and white patterns. Vision is not the verbatim recording of the outside world. When looking at a colored object, for example, the eye does not transmit to the brain a continuous series of duplicate impressions. The brain itself supplies much of the visual perception. In short, even if auras are perceived, that is not good evidence that there is an energy field in the physical or supernatural world corresponding to the perceptions.
If you see auras, you may not be psychic; you may have a brain or vision disorder. See your physician ASAP.
Edit. Also at this link. A number of years ago, the best aura reader in the West was tested before a live television audience and failed miserably. The Berkeley Psychic Institute (BPI) sent their top aura reader for a chance to win $10,000 if she could prove her powers. She agreed that the devised test was a fair and accurate. The test was televised on a program hosted by Bill Bixby. James Randi put up the $10,000. The psychic was presented with about twenty people on stage and was asked if she could see their auras. She said that she could see the auras, they all had one and they emanated at least a foot or two above each person’s head. The twenty aura-wearing people then went offstage. A curtain was lifted, revealing a number of partitions behind which only some of the twenty people were standing. Thus, Bixby and the psychic were looking at twenty partitions but only several of them had a person behind it. The psychic was asked if she could see any auras creeping up above the partitions. She said she could. To get her ten grand all she had to do was correctly identify each partition that had a person behind it. She was to do this by seeing each person’s aura above the partition. The audience was given an aerial camera view of the proceeding. Well, the psychic claimed that she saw an aura above all the partitions and that there was a person behind each partition. The partitions were removed, revealing about 6 people behind the partitions. The psychic didn’t even seem surprised. She might console herself that 6 out of 20 is not bad in a hostile arena.


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