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How do you read a Tarot Spread?

I’m really interested in this stuff but I am kinda new to it. Cam anyone help a girl out?


  1. Most Tarot decks come with instruction books, or if the book is inadequate, you can get something at any large book store.
    An easy spread is a three-card spread – just shuffle your deck while thinking of a question and lay out three cards from left to right. They stand for the past, present and future respectively. Use the book that comes with your cards to see what the meanings of the cards are, and how they may work into the past, present and future of the situation. Look carefully at the art on the card, too – you may have flashes of intuition related to the image as well.
    Most books will have information on how to do the Celtic Cross spread. This is more complex, but the basics are the same – each position in the spread corresponds to something that is affecting the situation, and the final card represents the final outcome *if nothing is done to alter it*. Again, work with your book and the images until you are familiar enough with the cards and their symbolism to do without the book. It will take some time to learn it, but if you work at it, it will start to come naturally.

  2. I have a free online course on psychic tarot reading. The images on tarot cards trigger your intuition and can help you develop your psychic ability. Reading the cards this way is much more accurate and beneficial than using straight book meanings for each card. it also helps you create a story with your readings and piece everything together. Here’s the link: http://www.mymagicaljourney.com/psychic-tarot-reading/
    The course also talks about how to choose your first deck, how to do readings, and what to do if nothing makes sense to you. It’s a great resource to get you started.
    Hope this helps!

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