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How do you react when a medium tells you that you have the ability to be psychic?

I went to see a psychic yesterday! She had no idea who I was or anything about my life and I made sure of that! But it was amazing on who she said was coming through and the things that only these people or certain family members would know. She also told me that everyone has the ability to be psychic but you just have to open your ability’s. But how do you do that she said you can learn to do it through books and classes.
Its all what you believe! I do believe what she said about who came through, but don’t know if I would have the ability to do the same as she does. When I went I thought there would be some kind of freakish lady sitting in front of me dress as a jypssy or something. With candles and beeded curtains. It wasn’t like that at all she was a down to earth normal as could be person.


  1. First of all………..don’t give the $50 she needs to confirm your abilities. Second of all, you’ve been punked!!!! Psychic? Please!

  2. This lady is correct in what she told you. I also believe that all of us have the capabilities of being physics, it is part of our makeup. Don’t you ever get that “gut” feeling. Did you ever know who was on the other end of the phone before you answered it. Little examples but very meaningful. I would rather have an open mind on everything, than to close the door on possibilities. As long as you feel good about the other things the Medium said, then relax. Although we have the abilities, does not mean that all of us are able to tap in and use them properly. I have a few books on bringing out Phys chic abilities, but I have never really taken the time to concentrate on the contents.


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