Home Discussion Forum How do you reachj the vibrational stage of astral projection?

How do you reachj the vibrational stage of astral projection?

I have recently become interested in astral travel and would like advice on how to reach the vibrational stage, as I have not been able to reach it. All help is appreciated.


  1. I do believe in astral travel but i believe that it is done in our dreams( or in a state of mind tn at can only be reached in our dreams , because there is where we really become whoever or what ever we are seeking. but you must remember that all gifts are given to us by something that is almost impossible for us to understand while we are here in this body. My belief is that things of this nature or not meant for us, God has said that all things of this type are from the devil!

  2. To tell you the truth it isn’t something that anyone who understands would tell you in a forum (or books). There is a responsibility to the act and it’s not something you do at whim or on a lark. So the answer is in your best interest as I say no, I won’t tell you.

  3. Ok, to achieve astral projection i have a couple tips.
    its not a vibrational stage, its just a stage of brainwaves lol. what you want to do is find a way to get to the delta brainwaves, which are only active during deep sleep, exept you need to be awake for astral projection. Try lying down first, and relaxing untilll you can’t relax anymore, dont think, this is crucial because deltha waves do no have thoughts, do not think. Keep your inner eyelid open, so that you can look at the images on your outer eyelid. Also, when you do reach astral projection, it will feel exactly like being in the physical world. If you need any help with these steps, simply email me, or IM me wondering_one123@yahoo.com

  4. There’s no such thing as astral projection, please apply some skepticism before deciding it’s real, let alone actually try such a thing.

  5. I also have recently been interested in astral projection, and I tried it for the first time last night, I didn’t do it, but I don’t think anyone really does the first time. But I was laying in bed before I slept and made sure I was very comfortable, I focused on my breathing, but I kept going into that like half sleep stage[sorry I don’t know the terms and stuff, I’m new to this] the stage where your mind is just thinking of random things and if you open your eyes you forget what you were just thinking of, well whenever my mind would start to stray like that, I would snap mymind back and focus on my breathing again, my eyes started twitching and I heard a ringing in my ears, then I started feeling a really wierd vibration, it’s really hard toe xplain, Idk for some reason it reminds me of bubbles? I have no clue why it’s so hard to explain though but it was wierd. and Idk if I got close or what was happening because like I said, I’m new to this, but after that I ended up falling asleep:[. So I’m trying again tonight.
    I suggest you google or look up questions on it, the more you read the more techniques you get to read about and figure out which way is best for you.
    Welll I hope I helped:]. a little at least, Haha.


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