HomeDiscussion ForumHow do you re-charge your positive energy after contact with negative energy/people?

How do you re-charge your positive energy after contact with negative energy/people?


  1. Good question, its good to think positive. Im sure you have some favorite things you like to do. so, get busy and do what you enjoy, to leave the negative thoughts out. don’t stay angry with anyone, the negativeness will come back if you keep a grudge against someone. take care!

  2. If you are positive person, you are following your passions and doing things that naturally fill you with positive energy. You will need to take some time to “detoxify” yourself and release the negative energy, then you can do something positive to re-center yourself.
    Have some fun, help someone, do what you already know to do.

  3. First, I stand back and look at the whole picture.
    Then I try to see what they see.
    Then I make a decision on what I believe from what I have experienced.
    Then I just say to myself…LIVE AND LET LIVE.
    Negative energy/people probably will never change. I’ve known a few in
    my lifetime.
    I go on with my own life. Doing what I need to do.

  4. Count to 10. Then ask yourself what it was about them that made them so unpleasant. Then forgive and let go. Don’t stay mad or focused on them because that takes your energy away.

  5. Examine what fears they generated in you. Write them down and think of how you can deal with them one by one.
    Separate the ones that you can deal with right now from those that will require some more work. Work on the ones you can deal with right now first.
    Keep your list and think about the ones that are more difficult. You will eventually find a way to deal with them. There isn’t any negative person you cannot over come.
    When I took a job as a computer programmer at Bank of America back in 1990, I attended a get together with the Business Partner. I walked up to him and held out my hand and introduced my self and said “I’m the new programmer on the team.” He looked at my hand and turned around and walked off and as he walked off he said “Another damn programmer!” I was shocked at his rudeness. If I didn’t have child support payments, rent, mortgage payments on my wife’s house, and car payments I would have quit right there, which I assume was his desire.
    I over came the negativity of the Business Partner with the support of the other members of the programming team I was on and we successfully put together the largest cash vault system ever created. We were never thanked for our hard work.
    The Business Partner and his staff had continued to be hostile and bitter every step of the way. But we learned to ignore them and only communicate when necessary.
    In 1996 I left BofA and became a contract programmer and immediately doubled my income, which tripled within a year later. The Business Partner, I learned from a friend who stayed at BofA, died of a heart attack a few years after I left BofA. I am a bit sad that the Business Partner had wasted his life with such a terrible attitude, but was glad that he wouldn’t make other programmers miserable ever again.

  6. Take all their negative energy into you and transform it into good energy and send it back to them. So take it in, change it into white energy and send it back. Do it until you cannot feel any negativity anymore and all around you is light. If you find it hard, consider to develop forgiveness.

  7. Realization and patience
    “God I hate Nancy!”
    “Ok, calm down. Calm. Calm. Calm. Calm…. Caaallmm….Caaaallmmm.”
    Deep breah.
    Wind down.
    Eventually Subsides

  8. See what you do first is grow up a little.
    After that its pretty simple, you obtain the ability to not let people get to you instead of being a pathetic annoying little sponge that cries out for attention.


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