How Do You Put Your Mind In A State Of No Fear ?I HaveTried Meditation But Not Sure Im Doing It Right?

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Ten years ago I woke with a feeeling Of letting fear go. I didnt care if I died or what happen.Its the first time in my life that I actually felt a freedom that I had never felt before.Somehow I turned fear completely off.It was great ,I did things I had never done before and would never had tried and felt a rush like never in my life.I really started living for the first time in my life.It lasted about ten years and then one day i awoke again in anxiety of things that I had accomplished and even shuttered to think about the things and places I had been.To be honest It actually scared me.What happened? Its like someone gave me a spell or something that lasted for ten years then stoppped.Is there a way to convince yourself ,your mind that there is totally nothing to fear. I have tried meditation and not sure im doing it right.I have read much on taoism ,zen,and others to convince myself that fear is irrational and distructive.Is there a type of meditation that can be done to change tis

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Joey K

Fear is a gift. It is a survival skill.


It takes time. Try doing always the same thing. Find a place that is your place for meditating, with indirect soft light and little noise. I use the “Lotus Flower” position and blank my mind. It works.


Its called growing up, the older we get the more we value mortality, if you want to experience fear again, then go get drunk in a biker bar and call the biggest guy a fag, then again go get drunk in a gay bar and call a fag a cutie, maybe base jump off a bridge.
Fear comes in many forms and being afraid of it is what stops you from dying.
Its an adreniline rush that your after, so take up a crazy hobby and hope you dont screw up.

jon b

To be honest i fear almost nothing as the same. But it’s not a switch it’s a confidence in yourself. Find your inner confidence and you should have no fear. If it’s not that then just know ‘carpe dium’ live life to the fullest it won’t be there forever


Treat fear as your dancing partner. Your fear isn’t going away; so you may as well entertain yourself with it. Be glad you have the intelligence to know fear. As long as you know the reason for fear, you can deal ( dance ) with it.
Oh gla dee, Oh gla da.


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Albert Einstein's younger age stories reminds this. Plus when he became adult, he told the Carpenter to make two holes on his lab wall...

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