Home Discussion Forum How do you protect yourself when astral projecting?

How do you protect yourself when astral projecting?

How do I protect myself from evil entities? What do I do if I encounter one? Should I protect myself before I go into meditation?


  1. Always start out in prayer asking God to help you with your astral projection and that your spirit guide to be there to guide you, and help you when it’s time. Trust me your guide will jump in when it’s to do with your spirit. You always use the name Jesus Christ when and or if a bad spirit is to come. Once while I astral projected, I battled a bad spirit, and asked for help and my guide came to help.

  2. astral projection is a skill of witchcraft …it is strictly forbidden by God in the bible.
    If you do it anyway …you cant protect yourself because when you disobey God you lose his protection as well.
    Like drugs…It might be interesting …but it can also be deadly.
    I suggest that you focus your meditation skills on God’s words in the Bible.
    If it is power you seek.
    God guarantees his power and love will be revealed to those who honor and obey him.
    Deep meditation on the Psalms and the Gospels is very powerful…it will transform your life.
    Christianity is very powerful in the spirit world…if a Christian speaks the name of Jesus Christ all evil powers grow weak… and
    born again believers can stop any evil by reminding the evil spirit that the blood covenant of Jesus destroyed all of satan’s power. He knows it and must retreat.
    I have used words of power many times to stop demon attacks …it works.
    i learned how in the bible.

  3. astral projection is a skill of witchcraft …it is strictly forbidden by God in the bible Yeah Bla bla bla bla Who the heck died and made you boss I know Christians that read tarot cards and do astral projections and talk to the dead and Astral projection is not a witchcraft skill any one can do it. When you dream you leave your body and its another form of astral projection. I just usually say a prayer before I go.
    The light of god and goddess surround me the light of god and goddess enfolds me the light of the god and goddess is with in me for where ever I am they are.
    I leaned from my elder teacher who is in his 60’s that you should not go through doors. You need to move through windows. You have a good chance at cutting your silver cord that attaches your astral body to your physical body.
    BY the way I am a WITCH and proud of who I am

  4. In traditions of soul voyage, which we might controversially label Shamanic, all out of body work is done with the assistance of spirit guides and allies.
    In this tradition, courage and cleverness are the orders of the day. It’s a highly intuitive and experiential path. I read a lot of books on astral projection when I was younger, and I think that the more shamanic leaning practices resonated with me better.
    I listed a book in the source section, in case you are interested in a practical hands on description. Contact me for a more academic list.

  5. Astral projecting is a deception of the devil from experience. The bible says he appears as an Angel of light to deceive many. Jesus called him a liar because he speak it from his natural being.
    All these things might feel good for a time, but trust me, the end is a deep, deep darkness. Jesus is the light of the world. (John 8:12.) Anytime you are in trouble, confused or even wanted to test a spirit if they are of light or dark (1st john 4). Call the name of Jesus and he will set you free. Because at his name every power must bow, things in heaven, on earth and under the earth (phil 2:10) as even confessed by witches in convent.
    And Hey! you might even want to find out more who Jesus Christ really his and the destiny of mankind? Anyone that believes in him will never die (john 3:16)
    You shall know the truth and the truth will set you free (john 8:32). Jesus is the truth (john 14:6). God bless.

  6. That whole jesus thing doesn’t work for me I’m an apathist( I don’t except or deny that god exists) NOT THE SAME AS ATHEIST. So if I could have a real answer that would be nice

  7. Astral Projection teaches us a lot, we learn that we do not die, we just go on to the next life to help on humans evolution and for our own learning or we stay with our source God if we choose to, this is a great understanding because you learn that obtaining materialistic junk will not give you happiness. Happiness starts from within 🙂 We are spiritual beings children of God.
    I spoke to Jesus while astral projecting and I told him that I had started to feel fear while astral projecting and he told me that It was okay. In a very calm and peaceful voice. He wasn’t mad because I was Astral projecting and it seemed like he wanted to calm my fears and help me. I just hope he is my spirit guide because the feeling of speaking to him in the astral plane was VERY pleasant.
    We should believe in God and hold our believes because there are some funny entities out there from the lower planes, they feed from fear. But if you protect yourself with white light and ask God to protect you they vanish and will not appear again as long as you hold your believe to the higher power of our creator source God.
    Everyone should Astral Project!


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