Sunday, September 26, 2021

how do you produce the true invisible?

can you make yourself invisible with a force field or do you need to alter on the quantum level? the light is she like the water? or would a force field just make you into a black spot? would the cops use a nightstick on the black spot?


  1. I think it would be at a quantum level. And the light, she is like a bearded rainbow. But cops would probably not beat a black spot (except in Detroit ☺)
    And whatever it is you’ve been smoking……. Did you bring enough to share?

  2. A project called ‘Project Rainbow’ supposedly had some success creating a magnetic resonance field around an object causing optical invisability, this project was the second attempt at this theory, The creator was Nikola Tesla, In the 1940’s They did a test in philadelphia where a navy ship called the U.S.S Eldridge was equipted with these massive resonance field generators and apparently not only became optically invisable but tore a hole in space/time and time traveled to 1984 and returned to 1941, sometime later with her crew members some missing some crazy and burnt and some melded into the bulkplates of the ship.

  3. I use gravitational lensing: bending the light that is emanating behind me so that when it gets to the police officer, he sees that which is behind me as though I were not there.
    It takes an ultimate peace in the inner soul. It took me 20 years of intense training (in Nepal for the undergraduate course work, but then Tibet Polymantric Institute for the post grad and post doctoral work)
    It is extremely dangerous and if achieved in the wrong mindset, the gravitational field will pull all matter toward you causing a singularity, killing you and those within a 1400 meter radius.

  4. As far as we can tell, the use of forcefields or “quantum altering” to produce invisibility is completely impossible, however there are some very interesting technologies that hold promise of a similar effect.
    The closest that we are to producting the technology that you describe is a technology called active camoflage. Essentially this process takes a picture of the background and then projects it onto the front of your outfit, making you look like the background. For example, the reference to the Tachi Laboratory at the University of Tokyo gives an example of this. However, the picture is taken of a still background (such as a wall) and the image projected onto a special “Retro-Reflective” cloth from an outside projector. This would not be very useful in evading the police.
    In the UK, a group of researchers working with the Royal Society have develeoped a process that can produce 100% Invisibility in solid objects. It creates specially designed nanocrystals containing groups of electrons. These electrons are manipulated so that they “entangle” the light waves rather than absorb them, resulting in complete transparancey. These can only be produced in a lab under highly controlled conditions, so once again they are of little use in criminal enterprise.
    There are many other companies and research groups working to develop such a technology, and it is likely that some interesting advances could be made in the near future.


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