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How do you prevent evil/negative energies, from having a stronghold on you and your life?

I won’t get too into it because people will think I’m crazy but lets just say that if you’re a Christian and you believe in god/satan…and you believe that you’re being continuously tormented, and getting tortured by negative/evil…. how do you stop it?
In the form of negative things happening to you, crazy/restless/strange thoughts, seeing/hearing things, like apparitions, noises, feeling like you’re cursed….all sorts of things.
Lets just say that satan and his demons have it out for you and are relentless, and want to destroy you.
How do you stay sane, happy, and have a great life despite it all? How do you prevent them from being able to do you harm?


  1. Nothing helps more than opening a good ol can of masturbation. It’s like nature’s own heroin, then your mind is clear once again.

  2. i go to my sanctuary, the place where know one knows about, that i can be happy and alone. that is how i maintain peace and happiness in my life. don’t let anyone control you, be true to yourself. be a good person.

  3. READ THE BIBLE!!! go to church and surround your self with good christians!! where a cross.. and dont put yourself in risky situations…

  4. Use the name of Jesus to get satan to leave you alone….He cant stand that name….It is powerful! God is for me, so who can be against me?

  5. There are no evil or negative energies influencing you. The source of all evil is within you. Discard it, and it will no longer bother you. If you blame imaginary evil beings for your own failings, you cannot progress.
    Many Christians are a bit bizarre in that they believe that their imaginary demons have more power over them than God. Apparently they don’t see the blasphemy in this.

  6. Thats why I stay away from people that are just out of
    touch with the world.
    I am very strong in what I believe, and my faith.
    Many for years has trie to knock the wall of god around
    me down, but they wear out beforre they could get the job done.
    My faith is UNTOUCHABLE
    My spirit is UNBREAKABLE
    My love for god is PRICELESS.

  7. I don’t intend to sound mean about this – everyone has impulsive thoughts which are random and usually destructive. These may come up at stressful times, but shouldn’t be too common. If you are having them on a regular basis, you really may want to talk to a doctor about it. Schizophrenia is a real disease. Most likely you don’t have it, but if you are being continuously tormented, then there is a chance. Once again, I don’t want to seem mean by saying this, and I’m not trying to put you down. And I am not a doctor, so I really don’t know too much about this…

  8. Ignore them and have faith in God, wear some amulets, have an exorcism, there are so many beliefs!
    Or you can get yourself some medication, I’m sure that’d help too. XD

  9. ok , take it another way.instead of focusing your attention to preventing evil/negative energies, from having a stronghold on you, you should put your attention to doing god’s will instead of avoiding evil then it will naturally be prevented

  10. Evil thoughts and negetive thinkings are not phisical elements they are spiritual matters. So you need strong faith in your God, reading devotional books and prayer to God are give you courage to get ride of them. Keep your mind in devotions. When these kinds of thoughts entere into your mind these devotions will help you to stay away from them. God will give you strength to over come them.

  11. If you are a Christian, you have the Power of the Blood of Jesus Christ on your side. There is no other Power greater than this. Jesus’ Blood is what saves us and it is the Power that keeps us from evil. Claim His Blood as a protection over yourself and loved ones. Rebuke evil in the Name of Jesus and by the Power of His Blood shed on the cross for us. In order to do this, you must belong to Him and have the Holy Spirit living inside of you. Also, if you are living in any rebellious sin, you must confess and forsake it and ask God to cleanse you from all unrighteousness.

  12. Honestly…I think you’re focusing on it too much. the more you focus on like you said, “evil” “demons” or whatever, you give it more power. Because you’re focusing all of your energies on it, hence validating it and giving it credibility.
    Why don’t you just ignore it and say I’m going to have a GOOD DAY, I am allright. I am normal. And focus on the good as much as you can?


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