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How do you physically manifest aura?

I am trying to find out as I have heard it helps with a lot of concentration problems, plus I feel my aura right beneath my skin. It is very powerful. Please help me out with this.
Also, if i should ask this in a different category, please tell me.
Aura and chi are almost the same thing, but aura can be felt and seen without physical manifestation and is particular to each person. Some say aura is just higher manifestations of chi.


  1. Aura…? What do you mean? All that Chi stuff is basically bullshit.
    Where did you hear this from? Are they .edu websites? Or just some pseudo-scientific-enraged retards who go around selling this bs?

  2. I think you need professional help. I don’t know where you got this aura crap but it’s not true. You may just have a skin rash or something. Now if you’re talking about chi, that’s a different story. You can’t feel it under your skin though. If you want to be able to use your chi it’s takes decade of intense training. I know a master who’s trained to use it for 18+ years and can use it, but can’t control it enough not to kill someone with it so he still has a long way to go. Try training in Dim Mak or any other art that increases chi strength and teaches you to use it.

  3. Hello Wolf
    You cannot manifest your aura, it is a part of you at all times. It emanates from your Chakras.
    It is also not under your skin, it surrounds your body, & your Etheric layer.
    If you have concentration issues, maybe Meditation would be a good route for to to dedicate to.

  4. Hi Wolf,
    It sounds to me like you’ve got all this energy running through you and you’re looking for a way to release it.
    I see and read auras, but right before I rediscovered my ability at age 23, I went through a period of huge anxiety which included a tingling feeling under my skin. I also had problems concentrating.
    Firstly, watch what you’re eating. If it comes from a packet, limit your intake. This will automatically limit your intake of salts and sugars etc. Drink more water.
    Go for a run if you like vigorous exercise or try something like tai chi or yoga if you want something a little more spiritual.
    If that powerful feeling under your skin continues, go and see a doctor just to get medical clearance. In my case, getting tests and being cleared of illness as a huge weight off my mind. Once my mind was quietened, my body followed.
    More about my journey is at http://www.aura-answers.com
    I hope you’re feeling better soon.


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