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How do you personally relieve negative energy?

hi, i’m in a serious relationship with a very special person but when we’re apart i generate so much negative energy, as if something is missing or something terrible has happened. and when i see her again, i can’t help but take some of that negative energy with me – which then turns into thoughts that she may not be happy or that our relationship is going downhill.
i have no reason to think these thoughts because i have more than i could ever ask for and i think they are caused by the negative energy i’ve been feeling.
to get to the point:
i was wondering how you guys get rid of negative energy – all mantras, meditations, rituals/spells, etc. are welcome. i need help!


  1. Truthfully? You sound like you are suffering from insecurity. If you are an insecure person, you won’t feel secure in a relationship. You will always have doubts and fears. Start doing something that will build your self esteem, like body building or any other activity that interests you and will improve the way you perceive yourself. Praying wouldn’t hurt either.

  2. Negative energy? Why are you BS yourself? What you are feeling is self doubt, jealousy, and a lack of trust of your special person. Adding all of that in with a serious relationship is a mix doomed to failure.


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